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True Stories from the Intersection of Food and Lust

Kris Chau


My first Valentine's Day dinner with my then-future-wife ended in disaster. I was poor so I set up everything at my apartment - candles, real dishes and flatware, home cooked meal - the works when you couldn't afford to go someplace nice. Anyway, we were eating when suddenly one of my cats brushed up against a candle, singeing his fur, freaking me out that he was burned (he wasn't), and generating a mood-annihilating smell. That was the end of that.
Valentine's Day 2010, Mr. Griffin and I were involved in a huge interstate pileup with something like 200 vehicles in the accident field and 37 collisions (I stopped but 5 cars behind me didn't) that shut down I-29 for 2 days. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and only 2 minor injuries despite the number of vehicles.

Our Valentine's dinner was eating Red Cross shelter popcorn, filling out accident reports, and trying to call our insurance to start filing claims.
Danielle Henderson,

Love your line, "...because how you hate together is almost as important as how you love." Have enjoyed your writing thus far, and looking forward to many such gems in the future.
This was a wonderful idea for a delicious assortment of essays. They're all excellent. (Knucks to Kelly O for making the right decision (hilarious) and deep congrats to Emily for finding such a sweet partner in crime! As usual, in love with Ellen's humor, joy, and luscious lines.) But really, all are superb, and wish this was a weekly feature. Happy Valentine's Day coming up!
What a beautiful article. I enjoyed every story. Thank you so much!
awesome, bethany jean! what could be more romantic than boiling alive hapless creatures and then eating them with a soon-to-be loved one? thanks for sharing that lovely picture.

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