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How Mayor Ed Murray Unraveled Two Years of Police Reform in Only Two Months


Oh, Jesus. Someone gave Capt. Butthurt the stink eye and the world has to hear about it forever.
I freely admit that Mr. Holden's world view is probably much different from mind and there are few things we would find common ground on, but I have to say this is an amazingly well researched, detailed, and articulate piece! There are a lot of moving parts here that are hard to keep track of, but I think this article nails it. What I wouldn't give to see this ran in the Seattle Times...
And to follow up, I know there will be plenty of commenters claiming this article is just sour grapes from Mr. Holden. But honestly, STFU. This is so much deeper that just feeling a little butthurt. And Mr. Holden rightly calls out SPD and Mayor Murray on their double-talking bullshit.
34 issues of The Guardian, a newsletter edited by SPOG's president, a public employee paid by City of Seattle, thus subject to our state's Public Records Act, are available on Internet Archive.
As someone who's lived in Seattle for 15 years and seen how corrupt and uncaccountable SPD has been over all that time (and coming to understand SPOG's role in fighting any efforts at reform), I'm glad to see this all laid out so plainly, and identifying the need to address not just SPD in general, but SPOG's contract specifically (past contracts have frequently been used to block reforms and changes). I generally liked McGinn, but was incredibly disappointed with how he handled SPD reform. And now having seen how Murray has handled this over the last few months, I'd say that he's on track to do as much -- if not more -- damage, if he and other city officials don't heed the proposals in this article. Pugel was someone taking us in the right direction, while Bailey most certainly is not. And SPOG needs to be reined in. I support labor unions wholeheartedly, but I think negotiations have to recognize that policing is categorically different that many other forms of public service, and so SPD needs to have some level of community accountability that can't be circumvented in the ways it historically has been.
I find Holden's description of the SPOG newspaper (paragraph 2) to be hilarious and delicisouly ironic. As I sat here reading the author describe the newsletter as being sensationalist, insensitive, and divisive, and accuse it of engaging in ugly name calling, over-the-topic rhetoric, and labeling others as "ememies"..... ALL I COULD THINK OF is that these qualities are EXACTLY the Stranger's stock and trade! The Stranger owes whatever pathetic success it has to exactly these kinds of distasteful and divisive tactics, which are clearly appealing to the core of it's audience. Thanks for the laugh, morons! Clean up your own house before you complain about your neighbors mess. Now THAT'S some good old fashioned AMERICAN values!

What is former Mayor McGoo up to these days anyways? Probably riding his electic bicycle along Myrtle Edwards Park as we speak.
@4 - comments 1 and 2 could very possibly be from angry and scared officers or SPOG members. Anonymous comment sections on blogs attract that kind of response when they don't feel they will ever be held personally accountable.
Thanks, Dom.

I'm a police supporter, and always have been. I've always gotten along well with the officers I've met. I supported the police over the protesters during WTO, and would again if it happened again. (I'm also a middle-class white man, so I get at least two passes in all of these interactions.)

So when you've lost me, of all people, you've really lost. And SPD has lost me.

I think the department needs to be REALLY reformed, re-formed, broken apart and formed again. SPOG needs to be broken. Rich O'Neill needs to be fired. Chief Bailey needs to be retired. The only way to turn this department around is to start over. The only way to do that is through the US Justice Department.

This is Mayor Murray's single most important job, and he has not only failed miserably, he is proud of his failure and has doubled down on it. This single issue makes him, after just a few months, the worst mayor in this city for fifty years. He's taken us back to the old SPD, the one that was cleaned out after the kickback scandals of the late sixties. He's not qualified to lead reform; he is an ENEMY of reform. He needs to have the SPD taken away from him.

I think every officer needs to be taking racial justice classes. If they don't want to go, they can take their bullshit elsewhere. They won't earn as much in Mississippi but that's their problem, not ours. There are loads of outstanding officers in SPD. They need a department they can be proud of, and so do we.
@7 The difference being that Mr. Holden essentially has the authority to stand on his soapbox and say whatever he feels like, while the Guardian represents the views of the men and women that we've invested the authority to use deadly force in order to look out for our best interests. If Dom had the legal authority to shoot and kill police officers in the line of his work, and was under federal investigation for regularly abusing his authority to do so, your point might stand.
thanks dom. keep it up. this is a huge fight for justice, and this article does an amazing job displaying (part of) the problem.

(and great comment fnarf.)
and -- not to sidetrack things and get lost in the details -- but it seems that either Melekian and Bailey are lying to us, or that they were both misled and (being gullible or malicious) believed what they were told without getting the "other" side of the story. and that's a huge problem with reform, when you don't listen to more than one side of the story.

and what a great (/sarcasm) comment by Murray, "You know, so this is a great legal argument. We ought to be in a Jesuit seminary and splitting hairs." whoa. just... whoa.
Nit to pick: "But then again, shooting a man when he's running away from you is practically shorthand for excessive force."

If a cop sees a suspect with a gun running around in some neighborhood they must respond. A person just seen fighting someone (ie, they have demonstrated they are violent) with a gun is a danger to the public. You can't (as a cop) just let them wander off. You might not HAVE to shoot them, but it's not unwarranted to do so. Duty to Act and all that.
State explicitly that SPOG is not required to defend officers who engage in indefensible conduct.

The first way to stop abuse: do away with any systems of check and balance, do away with the adversarial justice system, and allow politicians and public opinion to run the police department.
Don't retroactively make up for raises following delays during contract negotiations.

Management would never abuse this new change and allow unions to work without a contract for years.
Dominick Holden, The Strangers next Pulitzer!
Am I the only reader whose noticed the Slog's new love affair with ineffective government?

They can't help themselves when it comes to loving McGinn, who was certainly the least effective executive in most of Slog writers' lifetimes.

They believe the route to reform the SPD is more Seattle-style public process, including endless complaints when someone finally makes a decision they don't like.

They refuse to report on Sawant's complete abandonment of her duties on the Council. (you know, the job we pay her to do...)

If not for the sex and drugs, I'd start mistaking this blog for some-kind of Tea Party plan to make the government so ineffective it can't actually govern.

Neither the Stranger or the Guardian are under any obligation to change their tone or their tactics. Neither is funded with public dollars, and neither has any obligation beyond pleasing their core audience. Nor do I really give a crap about either one. They are both divisive publications, which is exactly what their readership desires.

I just find the irony of a writer for the Stranger - one of the most venomous and least objective rags in circulation - complaining about a lack of civility or objetivity in other publications to be just too rich and too precious NOT to point out. The hypocrisy and the crocodile tears are heart warming.
The Stranger is deleting comments critical of Dom's dual role in covering/complaining about police conduct. And very pleased @19 is pointing out the delicious irony of the hyperbolic Stranger going nuclear because some one "threatened" a staffer by saying he might visit his office. Oh, behave! Mr Police Officer! Just imagine if the cop had used Potty Mouth talk. Hypocrites.
six shooter -- good point about those two issues. i don't really know how other industries do it, BUT i do like the adversarial system (too bad the SPOG doesn't seem to right now), and i don't think reform is about $$$ really.

THAT SAID, there is such a problem with the SPD right now, OF COURSE we are arguing about what they came up with. BECAUSE WHAT THEY CAME UP WITH perpetuates the problem. it does not solve it.

not sure what we can do about it, but this article seems like an excellent starting point.
Fantastic investigative reporting Dominic! While Seattle may be unfortunate in the current state of its police department (and mayor's office), we are incredibly lucky to have such a hard-working and diligent reporter in our midst.
Has Holden mentioned a cop gave him the stink eye once? Are you sure? No worries, he'll tell you again. And again. And again.
@21 -- I agree there are serious problems with the SPD. I disagree that most of the problems are the fault of the police union. I also disagree that the police union isn't interested in fixing problems.

I have long advocated for investigations into the managing officers and department policy-makers. SPD brass screws line officers instead of taking responsibility for their lack of leadership. SPD brass refuses to send clear messages to those in their command.

SPD leadership always cries the same tears. "Blame the Union," the commanders say. "Evil cops won't let us reform!"

Meanwhile, SPD leadership rewards bad behavior and punishes anyone who dares to challenge their ideas on policing. Once again, they abandon their Operations staff when responsibility knocks.

The only new detail to this same old story is the willing reporter eager to blur the distinction between the bosses and the people who work for a living.

The Union sure is a convenient target for lazy complainers.
@19 "Neither the Stranger or the Guardian are under any obligation to change their tone or their tactics. Neither is funded with public dollars"

Actually, the head of the police union is paid by municipal dollars, to edit a union newspaper. So if you wanted to pick nits, yeah, the SPOG/Guardian is at least partly funded with public dollars, or it was under O'neill, according to reports filed here.
@26: It's unclear just what the SPD employee in the position of "SPOG President" does, beyond editing The Guardian and attending public forums to say that we would have the problems we do if people would just do what police tell them to do.

Does he have a desk in an SPD facility, or is he sited exclusively at SPOG's office? Does he do any police work? I would love to know.
@9: Fnarf: I'm sorry to hear that's what's currently going on between Ed Murray and the SPD. I agree: the SPD needs to be gutted and start over from the top down. It's a shame that it's going to take such drastic actions from the Federal Department of Justice to bring any long overdue changes to the force. Here's hoping we see improvements soon.
@17 Grambo: I second that!!
@23 Justin: Agreed! Great work, Dominic!

So basically the SPD is owned and run by the Mafia, now?
My sympathy for morally decent, hard-working yet departmentally demoted officers like Jim Pugel, (and someone Dominic knows personally) and others who have tried to bring long overdue reform, only to have it blocked and punished at every move. How sad that the federal government will have to step in if any positive change in the SPD is to happen at all.

Dominic, do you get paid by the word for this stuff? I dropped this article into Word and it came in at 17 pages of TNR 12 point. This is an important subject and I'm glad you're writing about it, but sheesh, try EDITING a bit.
Let us not forget that when communities of color and allies expressed strong opposition to the FBI's Puget Sound Joint Terrorism Taskforce’s “Faces of Global Terrorism” campaign that depicted frighting images of brown/Muslin-looking men on gigantic billboards and on the sides of buses in June of last year, Pugel acted immediately to amplify immigrant communities' concerns through the Mayor's office to the Department of Justice. Subsequently the ads were discontinued immediately. Having worked on that issue, I was amazed at the prompt action from Pugel himself who responded immediately to me via email.

Great piece, Dominic. Let's hope the City Council takes a stand and does not sit by passively.
Hard for Seattle's Only Newspaper to go of Mike.
Hard for Seattle's Only Newspaper to let go of Mike.
...and Pugel's great stance on detainer reform (i.e. resisting turning King County into a federal ICE mill). Check out the great op-ed Pugel co-authored in the Seattle Times: http://seattletimes.com/html/opinion/202…
This part caught me off-guard:

"There is only one place in the city that all the discipline files of the department are kept, and it's the union office."

Is this really implying that SPD doesn't keep its own independent discipline records?
@34: An organization of which I'm part, Center for Open Policing, have an outstanding PRA request with Seattle Police Department for every internal investigation file. SPD staff estimate that this will include 225,000 pages.

We made a 10% down-payment on the copying fees (instead of in-person review; something to which everyone is entitled and for which government agencies in this state cannot charge a fee) for the documents and have received several installments. We intend to publish them for all to see once some technological and ethical matters are settled.

At the current rate at which SPD are doling these public records out, we'll copies of all of them over the next several decades.
Did Dom write this or did Pugel & Kimerer? While this is a lot of words, I'm not sure it says much more than:
-- "Pugel is still hurt that no one ever trusted or liked him during his career, other than Kimerer
-- The Stranger doesn't like Ed Murray
-- Ann Levinson doesn't like Ed Murray
-- Jenny Durkan likes Ed a lot
-- Harry Bailey is evil
-- SPOG is evil
-- All the career SPD officers and management oppose reform (and thus want to beat up minorities)

Wow. Talk about "Stupid Fucking Incredulous Reporting" (Remember that, Stranger?)

Dom's agenda to rescue Pugel's reputation is a fool's errand. Hmmm, perhaps totally appropriate for Dom, then.

Does it really matter all that much? It's a good article and all, but the choice in mayoral candidates is always between someone who thinks the SPD should be free to kill with impunity, and someone who thinks the SPD should be free to kill with impunity but they have to button their jacket differently. FTP.
Bravo, Dominic.
@36: Got any factual backing for any problems with the article? Pugel's been borne out by events, and Murray hasn't.

This is a pretty fantastic article Dom.
Chief Bailey is a liar. Murray hasn't fired him. Both need to go. Now.
Christopher Monfort had the only workable plan for SPD reform the city has seen yet.

Good luck with this approach Holden. Every Seattle cop knows they can intimidate, stomp, spray, taze, or shoot you at will and there will be no repercussions, even if it's on video. At worst, the officer will be given *a promotion* to admin & oversight duties - and continue to climb the ranks.

What are you going to do about it? Pointlessly march and yell pointless slogans? Uselessly write articles?

Here's a clue Holden. You aren't going to get what you want from Murray, let alone the SPD.

Grow some balls Holden. Lead the effort to recall Murray, and every politician that stands in the way of real reform. Or continue the ineffectual whining. Whichever best suits you.
This is a re-hash of past hashes,

There is one priceless line: "The most controversial misconduct case in Murray's nascent term involved me, weirdly enough. "

Yep, weird.
Keep at it Dominic, the politics of this are nasty. I had some contact with Pugel once before when the SPD was in trouble for use of violence on mentally impaired folks. I found him honest and foresighted about the problems of policing. We lost a good man. Your reporting on the Murray-Durkan relationship has not been reported elsewhere. Of course the stranger is the only newspaper in Seattle.
@42 - "Christopher Monfort had the only workable plan for SPD reform the city has seen yet."

So the only workable reform plan is to murder a police officer, leaving their spouse a widow and two kids without a dad? You are truly an awful human being.
Christopher Monfort had the only workable plan for SPD reform the city has seen yet.

Monfort, in case you've forgotten, assassinated a patrol officer in cold blood Halloween 2009. He attempted to fire-bomb the police garage without regard for the innocent maintenance and mechanic crews who work there. While evading capture, he attempted to murder at least two other officers.

When searched after his arrest, officers found his apartment contained enough explosives to kill everyone who lived in his apartment building.

To this day, he denies responsibility for any of his actions.
@40... The facts are the facts. Pugel was long ago largely dismissed by people inside and outside of SPD as a lazy cop unwilling to get his hands dirty. Same with Kimerer. Loooong histories of leading from behind. And pushing others aside for their aggrandizement. Fairly well known over the years in SPD and at all levels and in City Hall.

His "purge" last November was seen as just his and Kimerer's logical next step to consolidating the thrown. For those who've read the DOJ and Bobb reports, it's clear that Pugel was using Metz as the patsy...nowhere does either report even suggest he stood in the way of reform. The outcry from all over the city when Pugel dumped Metz - cops and community leaders who hate cops - should have been a clue. Everyone knew what he did and why and it was only a matter of time before someone drew the curtain on his sorry act. Did you notice the deafening silence from those same quarters when Pugel was reassigned? That should speak volumes about the man's reputation in and out of the SPD, the city government and the comminuity groups. He's lucky he at least has Dom, an ill-informed, egotistical pothead to tell his side of the story. Karma, sucks, Jim.
@45 "the only workable plan for SPD reform the city has seen yet."

Yup. Said it, stand by it. I suggested another plan that might be workable, and I await its implementation. In its absence, we are left with the only outlet available to all Americans: resistance to tyranny by *any* means.

Exactly how many people must be killed by the SPD before we respond in kind? Exactly how often do you think SPD officers would stomp on innocent peoples heads and ask them if they heard 'em, homie - if they knew that 10 officers would get their own homie heads stomped on the next night?

You can whine all you want Bax, but you don't have a workable plan - and I do.

I propose the Monfort Citizens Council. No membership, no newsletter, no dues, no bullshit. Simply a 10 to 1 reprisal of SPD misconduct. If the SPD officers don't want their kids to be orphans, or their spouses to be widowers, they can give the same respect to us - and get rid of the officers that don't share the same values.

Whose streets? Our streets! Until the cops come in and break your useless, pointless skulls. If you can't or won't do that math, then you actually don't give a shit about the children or spouses, pal.

Hoping to hear your brilliant plan, expecting it to be more pointless, useless whining.
WHAT??? Sean Whitcomb is no longer in charge of the outreach stuff??? This is a SHAME! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A SLOG POST EXPLICITLY POSTING THIS (This is a great article, but what happened to Sean Whitcomb needs more attention). UGH.
Did Holden mention that a cop gave him the stink eye once?
@48 -- until you're willing to put on a uniform and represent yourself and your opinions publicly, you're just another loud-mouth security guard who couldn't pass the cop entrance exam.

I'm pretty sure you and I both know how pathetic someone must be to fail the cop entrance exam. I've seen some pretty piss-poor cops. I can't imagine how bad you gotta be if those fat fucks could pass.
@48 makes threats on the internet which he will never, ever back up in real life, then claims other people's opinions are pointless/useless.

Ever tried that "cop entrance exam"? Its malarchy just like the element that it spawns...feckin hopped up, jack the lad, short willied muckers who got beat up on the playground everyday by girls and now have to compensate for that and their small willies by "copping" attitudes with civilians and pushing their psuedo nazi agenda on the masses.
Never been there and done a damn thing when I needed'em and now im being charged and extradited across the USA for having to handle the matter myself (non-violently). Yet, they can haul my ass in and after two hours in handcuffs, lock me in a white cell, with no medications (12.. diabetes, blood pressure,etc..)and no outside commo.. NOPE, not even a phone call. Accountability my ass! Typical of them nazi types, y'know? Fire the lot of'em, hire chimpanzees with banana tazers and red vine hand cuffs...funny wee suits from Archie McPhee..Slainte wa' piggies.. Slainte wa'
I suspect Murray DID know what he was doing - replacing McGinn's people with Murray people, in order to instill loyalty. The reform part is secondary to the Mayor, who needs to establish "his" team of "reformers" first.

Because he is politician first, and mayor second. Because in America, we care more about personal ideals than governing.

This is a great piece - Dom I hope you win a Pulitzer. And thank you Stranger for keeping it front and center - just where it should be - for at least a few days. I echo the sentiments of 56. This isn't just a story about a specific set of questionable circumstances. This is a cautionary tale of politics in America.
@56 - or, alternatively, Murray recognizes the real problem at SPD is a complete lack of leadership and direction at the top. So the way to change that is by changing the people at the top.

Only time will tell if Murray is capable of getting the right people to lead the department. If the next chief is a capable leader, and puts good people in upper echelon positions of authority, everything else will fall into place.
"When Joni Balter, a former Seattle Times columnist, asked Murray in a television interview in January who his "best-case scenario kind of candidate" for police chief is after interim chief Bailey steps aside, Murray said, 'Well, um, I am looking for Chief Bailey, actually. You know, if I were to describe somebody, I would describe him.'"

OMFG. It's going to be a long 4 years under Mr. Ed's "leadership."
From the point of view of a socialist, lets be clear: The police exist to protect capitalism and the 1% .

The Stranger makes it's money by selling advertisements to local businesses and corporations. Its a capitalist newspaper that supports capitalism. Notice how this article (Reform in Reverse: How mayor Ed Murray unraveled two years of police reform in only two months) fails to consider the countless negative effects of capitalism and its relationship to policing in America.

Capitalism requires a lot of force in order to stay afloat. How else would you expect such an unequal society to survive? This is why we have hundreds of military bases occupying foreign countries and here at home, why we have such an extensive law enforcement program, which includes millions of people behind bars or part of the criminal justice probation system - the most of any industrialized nation. The police serve this system well. So the argument about there being "good cops" and "bad cops" goes out the window when you consider law enforcement and its relationship to a capitalist society.

I am someone who has been stopped and harassed by the Seattle police countless times. I expect the level of harassment to get worse in general as the police gain more power through legislation and acquire more sophisticated weapons and tools to monitor the general public. (Hello facial recognition technology.)

It is disappointing that this article failed to mention alternatives to policing. In a socialist society it would look very different indeed and would be community based. (Think block watches on every corner.)

More disappointing, is watching the American public walk down the road to totalitarianism and not offer up any resistance. This requires a broad based people's movement instead of relying on spineless capitalist politicians like Ed Murray to fix the problem.

Until people organize as a class of people and fight this totalitarian state, we can only expect the abuses of the Seattle police to continue.
WHAT THE HELL IS IT, that the SPD leadership has that they can whip the pre-district Seattle City Council and no less than the last THREE mayors into line excusing and defending a bigoted, violent, dangerous police department?

The SPD long ago moved away from 'controversial' and 'reactionary' policing, and are now well into ideological positioning that puts them to the right of some of the softer kkk members. I mean, at least the klan isnt out LOOKING FOR minorities and protesters and gay people to assault in most cases. The SPD has made it clear they consider it to be their job to do so.

Voters are going to have to oust EVERY LAST MEMBER Of the old guard city council, and perhaps get a referendum to get rid of Ed "its ok to shoot N****rs and s**cs on site" Murray out of office.
Dominic, thank you. Ean, I'm sorry you have a short attention span.;-) Editing this down would be an injustice to the truth. I held my nose when I voted for Mayor MCGinn a second time. Now, I know why I wouldn't support Murray. McGinn was a largely incompetent doofus but Murray is proving to be every bit the slick, sleazy, disgusting rat-weasel of a politician and liar I feared he would be. What do we need to do to impeach this schmuck? Unbefuckinglieble. Why is it so hard for Seattle to get the mayor it deserves?!
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Seattle is screwed!
The good cops are the ones who said nothing while the union directed fraud against the citizens of Seattle denying us accountability we have been paying for. 25 MILLION dollar fine from the feds, settlement after settlement for abuse and rights violations. Merrick Bobs 18 thousand dollar per month bill. etc. etc. the costs for having a fully corrupt police department never ends

This while closing schools, cutting buses for students and transferring students around the district.

But don't worry, 98 percent of all Seattle cops don't live in Seattle so their kids aren't effected.

So its a win win all around..... right?
You can tell which comments are from cops and union reps (cops) having verbal tantrums lashing out at usual. Pathetic creeps.
Boy was I stupid to endorse Murray! You would think that anybody who has kept up with SPD issues would know that the only way to get any real reform is to bust the SPOG. I remember how they were totally out of control in the 1970s and how The Guild was a scandal even then. Before my day SPD corruption was legendary, Taxi drivers would bribe officers with a bottle of whiskey to look the other way while they bootlegged alcohol to underage sailors, graft was collected from gay establishments etc.
The new policy should be the elimination of the guild and the good old boys from the picture.
Somehow, I thought (erroneously)-- that Mayor Murray-- having likely been bullied, prejudiced against and had more than his share of struggles as a gay male, would have been somehow less likely to put up with bullshit from abusers of power, bullies etc. WAS I WRONG! Wow. He came to speak where I work during his campaign...and a lot of us noticed his answers were pretty vague on a lot of topics. But, I didn't imagine he's be such an asshole so soon out of the gate. Hugely disappointing.
@64 -- you do know that Seattle Public Schools is a completely separate entity from the City of Seattle, right? So anything SPD does has nothing whatsoever to do with Seattle schools.

In other words, derp.
#68. It ALL comes from tax payer dollars. You don't know this?
@52, you I never wanted to try and be a cop, but a friend of mine took the test about 8-9 years ago. Came up to Seattle from the Tri-cities. He had just gotten out of the Marine Corps, was in combat in Iraq, and had spent a few years as a DI. He was so excited after taking the test. "I fucking aced it" he said, and he really did ace it. Top test score in the group, and what did he get for it? He got removed, because they always throw out the top scores in the group. He was too smart to be a cop in Seattle. He is now a cop in Eastern Washington.

Oh sure, they say that too much intelligence in a person means they might move on and not stick with the job very long...but the real reason is that people that test high are also the type that question stupid orders, and when the brass says go out and knock some heads around, they don't want any officers raising their hands and asking "why?"

And I have to agree with Fnarf. I was (and am still to some extent) a cop lover. I have 4 friends who are currently cops, I'm a vet, a home owner, middle class and white. I lost all respect for SPD when the same cop who wanted to visit Dom at work threatened to take me to jail for reporting a dangerous situation. Not for committing a crime, for reporting something to the police. Do nothing wrong and see how you feel when the person who is supposed to be protecting all of us threatens to take away your freedom. At gunpoint. Simply because he can.
Will someone please wake me when we get Seattle back?
I think I just got severely hit in the ass by a stun gun and need to lie down.
FREE paper. That's what you write for. I hope you at least get Obama care, cause there is no way you are paid for this trash. And if you are, rest assured it's from the prostition ads in the back. Congrats to you on that! Whiner Seattle hypocrit. Get some accountability.
Great work, Dom. I've never lived in Seattle (or anywhere outside of the Midwest) and I still read the whole damn thing.
If you like this, you will love what he is doing for Neighborhoods. He has an insider/adviser lined up for the DON top job, who has a record of low level corruption in the city's neighborhood council system. It includes hiding minutes, rigging elections, and bullying people in a neighborhood who don't agree with the city hall agenda. Ask around, Dominic, and you will find lots here.

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