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A Lawsuit by More Than 100 Officers Trying to Block Reform Reveals a Bigger Problem Than Some Admit

She casts bitter shade on the pro-reform Community Police Commission, 
but won’t fault the anti-reform Seattle Police Officers’ Guild. The Stranger


This sounds internally revolting.
@1: I didn't mean for my first comment to sound flippant---but just that really, nothing has changed for the better.
This long-standing situation with the SPD is beyond sad--it is indeed, revolting.
All those complaing about the over use of force by the police department should quit their job, join the police force and work the streets the way they feel is the correct way. You may talk the talk but do you walk the walk?
@3: I assume, then, that you never complain about anyone other than those inside your chosen profession. Bravo, sir, you are a saint.

Do these complainants of whom you speak include the US Dept of Justice, whose job it is to enforce laws like the 14th Amendment and the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act?
Why thank you, I am a saint. Now get off you butt and join the police department and enforce those laws you want to write about.
Hey gtk your posts are poorly thought out and poorly spelled, you stupid bootlicker. Now get off your butt and step away from your computer, I would like to take over posting for you so I can walk the walk.
Chase, I figured I needed to dumb this down for you libs. I think I did good.
Cops be crazy! Please sign my petition to get some actual intelligence back in uniform and get rid of these low IQ bullies! Is it not obvious we need serious reform? Let's get rid of these dicks with their high rates of spousal abuse and triggered limbic systems! Let's try peacekeepers with intelligence and compassion for a refreshing change. We need cops who serve We The People instead of the 1%er businesses like Walmart who hire them as security guards. Cops be FUBAR!
fire every single one of those punk ass cops who signed that suit. then follow the rest around and film every last move they make.
The US Constitution was written for nominally Christian people who had lived under British common law. For the first 100 years immigrants came here to become Americans, not hyphenated Americans living in a multicultural society. Metro areas are no longer able to be controlled under the US Constitution.

The rich and/or professional people can afford to protect themselves. The working poor will have to fend for themselves in their own way. The remaining "middle class" will have a middling situation.
Its always entertaining to see liberal on liberal attacks. This rag vs. The Union. What liberal party has been in control of the City for the past few decades? Maybe its time you lemmings realize the folks you've mindlessly vote for f----d this up and yet you'll continue to rubber stamp them, You expect to get a solution from the problem? "Government is not the solution Government is the problem" President R. Reagan

"especially against people of color" Yes you white people can wait in line
"without fear of repercussions" So much for the first amendment.
Fire those Fascists!!! --- http://www.copwatch.org
@9 I assume you are pro-union for anyone other than cops. Should they be fired for trying to stand up for their rights too? Can't have it both ways!
Ask the pigs if they are arresting you:if they say no, then tell them you are leaving (unless you are home:then close the damn door). ACAB!!! --- http://www.copwatch.org

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