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Six Practical Ideas to Earn Back the Money We're Losing During Bertha's Hiatus


i vote #5.
Actually, I think Dave Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse and those guys bought the Priest Viewing Lounge Bar thing. They configured a series of sky-bridges to connect it to The Comet, Lost Lake, 5 Point, and Canterbury, and Bellevue. Everything is more expensive but that's the point. Or maybe Starbucks beat them out in the end?
I like the cartoons better than any of the suggestions, especially the penis/wang idea, which is totally sexist.

They could just as easily suggested a giant vag, with or without hedges at the entrance, and they could have still kept the sperm cannon, too, since many sperm cannons like to hang out in vag's a few times a week if possible.

So, more good toons and vote no on penis/wang unless there's accompanying vag's, ok? It's only fair...
I'm just stone cold going to drive through it.
Build 50 sq. ft. Nano-apodments in the 1/8th of a tunnel and force the entire population of Pioneer Square to live in there like bees in a honeycomb.

Allot a single UberX car for everyone for trips to the co-op.

Tired of soccer being played in a linear fashion? I've got some ideas. Ceiling goalies will be compensated appropriately.
Reopen The Funhouse in it.
@5 - And what about the C.H.U.D. menace? Think of the children.
I would just love to see all those gorgeous cartoon illustrations animated. How about make it required housing for the City council and most of all the Mayor.

props for the CHUD reference!
As a Torontonian, I've felt mortified knowing that His (dis)Honour aka Rob Ford represents the city ... so I'd vote ten fingers up (better than a mere two thumbs) for having him esconced in a Big Bertha amusement park. Though, if he's going to be running around, could we include a gag so we don't have to hear him muttering "Subways, subways, subways" while he's underground?

At least it would be fitting that he end up in a Cirque!
Too late. Somalians already charging $25/day to park in it.
Call it Northern Enbridge and fill it with olive oil
Somehow trick rush limbaugh into coming to Seattle for a speaking engagement, offer him an enormous amount of money (he's a greedy piece of shit republican) and include dorky munson as his opener and when they get inside, close it up and play head banger music for 24 hours at full volume. Gauranteed dorky would have a heart attack (the fat fuck) and rush would probably do the same. (They are both about as fit as Chris Christie) Tape the whole thing, put it on America's Funniest Home Videos. if it still exists.
I like sushi! Let's do that one!
The return of ENTROS!
Sure, I would pay $100 to engage in a paintball fight with a Jeff Bezos impersonator. Somebody do this as a fundraiser for a foodbank or something.
Well. I must say that this article warms my heart. Cirque du Murray is exceptional.
@11: Olivia can ship Ford over to Seattle once she's done creaming him this fall.
@11, 19- I'm guessing it'll be in a box, then. Do you really think Ford is physically capable of surviving the election? God forbid he actually quit drugs in that "rehab" facility as either the withdrawal or the going back on the stuff when he gets back is entirely likely to kill him. Wait! There's another idea for the tunnel! Seattle's newest municipal cemetery. Most of the old ones are full, I'd bet.
This crushed me. Svalbard or Cirque du Murray. I'd vote for that.

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