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I Would Know: I Used to Lie About the Pot I Was Selling


I would gladly pay a little more for the luxury of sitting in MY livingroom and blazin' a phattie,(even though I am already dropping a buck and a quarter for decent smoke)...however I feel the the nazi elected officials in my state will hold their breath and turn blue and die before they allow that to happen
Please post the unique chemical arrangements that you know to exist which definitely identify the REAL White Widow and Blueberry.. I think that the statement which implies such is false, PURE BULLSHIT.
People who make bad choices will try and adulterate the pot to sell more for less. One reason a government outlet will be safer.

Edibles? Why does no one know that it takes an hour for the THC to travel through the digestive track? One brownie should be one high. One candy bar should be one high. What is it with 10 doses in a single candy bar? That is not good observing of how people consume. The state never consulted with real pot users? A pot candy bad doesn't need to be wrapped to look like a butterfinger candy bar. The customers don't care at all. It should all be generic and wrapped in grey with a green leaf and a child's Mr. Yuck sticker on it. Double wrapped so one has to use a scissors to open it.

I swear the LCB was high on meth when they made the MJ rules.
It's weird because all the info on retail weed is probably much more important to true medical users than anyone else, since they use specific kinds of pot to treat specific ailments.

One can only hope that the medical dispensaries get on board with an appropriate level of standardization for their customers sake.
@3 actually the LCB rules for edibles (just announced) address your concerns. http://www.liq.wa.gov/marijuana/producer…
Two Grams for for $50.00 - are you insane? For some details on a label? Colorado did it right. Seattle? Massive fail...
spreading more misinformation again stranger you guys really suck
Uh, and what exactly makes you so certain the pot you bought at the State store was exactly what it was represented as? How do you know the grower didn't simply make up the name? The processor who packaged it? My dispensary provides the exact same information, THC, CBD etc, tested and certified by the EXACT SAME LAB hired by the State. Analytical 360. So exactly how is State sanctioned weed certified by analytical 360 any more accurately labeled than dispensary bud certified by Analytical 360?
It sounds like the dispensary where you worked was less than above board. It shows a certain cynicism to simply assume that your shady experiences are the rule, rather than an exception. In my experience this sort of dishonesty is fortunately rare. And shame on you for playing along.
http://blog.seattlepi.com/mar.../files/2… If someone wants to pay $26 a gram for garbage, more power to them. As a medical cannabis patient though, I won't stand for the state attempting to force us into these stores that sell that dirt. What would you do? $26 a gram with no discounts on quantity or $10 a gram or less with significant discounts from a 1/4 ounce on up? You decide...https://flic.kr/p/o7FvDJ // https://flic.kr/p/nQjpch // https://flic.kr/p/o7H5Js // https://flic.kr/p/o5xWtJ

Let me add that as a medical cannabis patient, damn near everything I receive is lab tested as well (90% of the time through Analytical360) even though it's not mandatory. On the rare occasion that I receive something that isn't, I know the growers personally, the methods used and/or have seen and sampled enough from them directly (and seen previous testing results on other products from them) that I know what I'm getting. While medical is different from recreational, I don't feel recreational should feel obligated to spend more than 3x what most medical patients do for a product that I wouldn't give away to someone I care about.
And unsure if the first link was posted incorrectly or if it's altered to keep links from other news sources from being posted. Will post one more time, a picture of some garbage that cost $26 a gram at the recreational stores. http://blog.seattlepi.com/marijuana/file…
WA LCB has done a fine job and the reason why it's regulated as such is because we asked for it in the public forums. So thank you LCB for letting me know how much THC, CBD and whether there is mold in my Harlequin.
This is a gross representation of everything that is wrong with our country's media outlets. The writer of this article has their head so far into the liquor control boards pocket, they didn't even attempt to research the topic being discussed. To start with the testing information available on recreational cannabis products was created and developed by the very people whom are being accused of 'making up names and strains' to increase sales. The medical marijuana industry instituted the testing standards used today and they did it when they didn't have to, when it was just the right thing to do for they're patients. In todays medical marijuana market 99% of the products available in dispensaries throughout the state are tested. They are tested by the same company the recreational market is using, Analytical 360. The difference here is that patients can obtain cannabis at $10 a gram with the same test results as the escalated $25 a gram in the recreational market.

In reference to the 'murderous intrastate cartel', Washington State has one of the lowest presence of marijuana drug cartels in the country. A fact that can be easily googled by the average person. It is apparent that The Stranger has traded journalistic integrity with ignorant prose and biased opinions.

Is Dominic Holden still employed ? You would think the job pool isn't so depleted that that guy wouldn't rise above Labor Ready. Sorry, Stranger; I am sure the recruitment pool will improve. If you don't have good talent, nobody will read, right ? In another way, it is great that we live in a country in which such a talentless putz can still earn a living.
As the market matures we will see individual growers developing and marketing their own strains and the whole "made up names" thing will go away.

Proprietary strains, consistent tested quality, clear packaging and information - all these things will help inform the consumer and lead to a more mature legal market.

Now all "they" need to do is get the price down to a competitive level and expand the number and locations of legal pot stores, and MAYBE this experiment will succeed.
How hard is it to get an initiative on the ballot? Maybe if the LCB were elected rather than appointed, they'd give a shit about the will of the people.
1) So, let me get this straight... We voted/threw out the LCB because they had a 1920s view of alcohol distribution in this state, and then, 2 years later, they rise phoenix-like from the ashes to head the state's pot business? WTF?
2) The comments from maryjane44, pupuguru, etc. tend toward the vitriolic, but they're right: there's no fucking way anyone can assure the name/strain of a weed in the pot shops or dispensaries. Never mind the label. Strains have become so fractionated and backcrossed using b-phenotypes, that names denoting certain breeds and crosses from east coast, Vancouver seed farms, and SF/central California are three totally distinct types with three different actions and table values. Your admission of making up the names really helped all of us genuine growers who knew our strains from first smuggling out of California, through the organic growing to individual, one-on-one trimming and curing. Some of the elite strains don't even HAVE males, hence, no seeds. You must actually obtain a clone from a grower. ALL these people claiming to have a certain strain simply CANNOT be correct.
3) Until we get some kind of fair-trade thing for pot, marijuana in dispensaries and retail places will continue to be shit. I routinely grow weed that beats the crap outta shop weed, which is why people still buy from me. The prelegal price for pot used to be $4000/lb.. atrocious, I know, but it enabled us to grow a premium marijuana product. Today, that price is $1500/lb. The customer still pays the same, it's just now the shop takes that extra $. So, now there's a new crew of growers passing off shit weed grown as fast as it can get out the door, and wouldn't know Fulvic acid if it flavored their drink.
I see this all going through the same throes as alcohol prohibition, only at a vastly accelerated rate... These days no one balks at Budweiser being $4.50 a six pack & a decent microbrew @ 9-10 bucks, so.. this will prolly work out in the end, but.. til then, Mr Holden, the POV of, admittedly, a street-level dealer into the workings of the pot GROWING business should have given you pause.
I actually encourage people to still stop by their old grower friends. We worked hard, for a product we loved. We're on hard times now, but we'll survive, because we can STILL grow better weed than you find in the stores - THAT won't change.
Those labels have some information that people should think about. The label on the cover states that the cannabis has had no less than five different products used on it (pesticides,fungicides,and a wash). The state of Washington has authorized the use of a long list of products on cannabis. My concerns are that those products were cleared for fruits and vegetables that would be washed,possibly by the producer and the consumer, then eaten. Don't think that they were tested for the affect on the lungs when smoked. Also people are under the impression that just because it's naturally derived that it's safe,cyanide and arsenic are natural but I wouldn't smoke them on my weed.
It does seem like the author of the article is assuming that all growers are cartel members that make up names for there product. In the article he said bags came in the back door in the morning. You would have a hard time convincing me that the grower didn't tell them exactly what strain he put his or her hard work into. If the shady dispensary owner took it upon himself to make up names then that shows no integrity in product or business. As a medical user for the last thirty years, well before recommendations, I know a few producers of cannabis and not only are they contributing members of society who give back to the community but are also proud of there product and never miss represent it. The liquor controller board is just out to get as much revenue from cannabis as they can even if it means eliminating the medical that was approved by voters.
Additionally, because of it's very illegality, the equipment to grow marijuana at home has been sold for 40 years. ANY law that doesn't take this fact into account is destined for failure.
Maybe my experience is unique, but I doubt it. I always bought weed from people that I knew, who either grew their own or knew the people that did the growing, and I *always* knew what I was buying. I don't think I ever got a misrepresented bag from one of my regular dealers because that would be bad business in a place like Seattle where good dealers and growers are pretty thick on the ground.
I had no idea medical pot is so unregulated here in WA. It seems wrong to me. I should think it even more important for someone needing pot for their health to have precise and accurate information on the provenance of the cannabis they are buying for their particular medical need. Are there plans to clean up the regulations in this area?
The I502 cannabis is NOT being checked for pesticides even as more than 300 of them have been approved... and we can also read how the growers are changing the strain names - West Seattle Kush for example. Factually - we are not going to know what we get... and that was partly the point to regulation. Once again NO I502 cannabis is being checked for the pesticides. Strain names are being changed. We need to demand better from the LCB. I502 has been stellar for the social justice issues, but as far as the bud goes - I502 is not working.

Just Sayin'.

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