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Inside Three Upstart Pot Farms: An Indoor Farm, an Outdoor Farm, and a Hybrid

Kevin Dietz’s custom-built facility cost him $500,000. Kelly O


Wait, not one mention of the carbon footprint for your hobby?
"Just those two expenses—electricity and labor—may add up to $1 million a year, particularly striking compared to outdoor operations that use the sun for electricity and automatic watering systems. "

$4,000 a month is only $48,000 a year. So they are only spending $48,000 more a year than an outdoor farm, not $1M more. Everyone needs labor, and you even mention that 1/2 of the product they process is from other vendors, so a large part of the labor isn't even an expense, it's a revenue stream for them!
EDIT: Home Page "traveled to Eastern Washing to" Should be Washington??
You say Monkey Grass Farms has "the certainty of high-quality pot." But the three strains I've tried so far have all been mediocre at best -- worse than almost everything on the black market (and selling for ~$100 for an 1/8!!). So having an indoor grow room is great, but it doesn't imply your weed will be great.
A plant grown under electric light is not a happy plant.
Ugh, that's a lot of wasted electricity. :(
I wish all 90 gardeners had some info on their farms and farming ways.
Monkey Grass has some blue dream above 20%. Excellent quality.
Monkey grass need to strip up those plants. . . . Planet of Larf
I would prefer outdoor-grown myself, especially considering I care about my carbon footprint and energy conservation! There is no reason it should taste any less marvelous than indoor-grown, with the right soil prep.
Say what you want but as a weed snob of 18 years. I have never had ANY outdoor that beats the average potency of my indoor. And if I have an especially good crop its miles away in quality. I have smoked the "best outdoor" by seasoned growers. It barely touches me.

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