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Fifteen Photos of the Things You Need to Make a Pot Farm Run Right: Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Fences, Monitoring Appliances, Ventilation, and Ladybugs—Yeah, Ladybugs


I always used DiPel (bacillus thuringiensis)to deal with spider mites.

I stopped growing weed in Oregon when they started taking people's houses away for a few plants.

Portland might be a way cool town, but Oregon is conservative.
Jesus fucking "Christ". It sure looks like this system was designed to be taken over by big tobacco.
Mrs T must be one of these members of the "Medical" marijuana mafia.

Guess what, Mrs T? The law works great for everyday smokers and those that want to grow a few plants.

Sorry it busts your "medical" marijuana profit model and cartel.

Are those Lava Rocks?
Sorry Arthur, but I have no hidden interests here. I don't have a medical card and am impatiently anticipating when I can go into a pot shop and pick some up. My point being if one wants to get into the business they have to have access to (at least in this one guy's case) in excess of 500k in cash. That would be an impossible task for most. I would be interested in hearing from someone who did all of the work, and spent all of the money, only to be denied a license.

And, the law does not allow me to grow a few plants. If it did (and it should) we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. As it is, I have to wait to buy legally from the ONE store in my city because they sell out of stock within 4 hours.
Any Seattle adult could grow enough pot for personal use in his living room in a big fish tank for probably 10 bucks month. If it was legal Big Tobacco would sell packs of reefers for packs of 20 and most adults would pay the price. Why? The same reasons that adults will pay eight bucks for a pack of factory made ciggybutts.

If the desire to grow your own is something you want to do, lie to your doctor, get a Medical Card, and grow some. Otherwise stop whining and get it from a licensed shop or the old fashion way, from "your dealer".

You know very well that the law is new and eventually, adjustments will be made. Most Washington smokers are happy with it as a start, for the most part it is only the Medical Marijuana Cartel that whine and whine that it's such a failure.

Most casual smokers certainly do not think of it as a failure, while also recognizing that it needs some tweaking.
Dude. What are you talking about, T? If the state wanted the system to be taken over by a few large corporations, would they have capped grow-ops at 30,000 square feet? The law is designed expressly to prevent that sort of thing, and from the looks of this article things can (and probably will) only get smoother with time...
ladybugs poop on weed. They eat the mites and poop them back onto the plant which encourages microbial activities. Not for heady clucks who don't like to smoke/vape bug poop.
@billwald: I wouldn't buy from Big Cancerbacco: look what they've done to the tobacco plant: in all likelihood they'd do the same to cannabis: ad shit to it and fuck it up! --- http://www.hemp.com .
@Mrs. T: I'm with you: I-502 is restrictive: there should be NO limits to the who, the what, the when, the where, the why, and the how of cannabis cultivation!!! ( It is 100% safe, unlike daffodils, dandelions, and most other plants in a typical yard on Earth, yet those plants are NOT illegal and not regulated by the Man and his lackeys. Pfft!!! --- http;//www.safeaccessnow.org ).

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