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A True Story


If you want a long ride, go early Sunday morning.

Princess, and I, got a 20 minute "Granny, get your freak on!".

Video available.
Yeah, the standard length rides are barely long enough to get even halfway through a nice thorough blowjob.
Ha, what a bunch of assholes (everyone involved.) They sure could have been in deep shit for kidnapping.

The intelligent way to handle this situation would be to keep a stern face, tell them to clean up their mess, send them on their way with a good "and don't come back, ya hear!?" and laugh about it after they escape earshot.
Secret to getting the extra-long ride: Strip naked, bring booze and drugs! it's like a rotating party bus! Way to get your wheel value!
@3, Dunno. If I worked there and had to clean the gondola after them I'd probably get less of a chuckle out of their cute little hijinks. Me having to clean up your bodily discharge after your tweaker soiree in the sky = I may have an inner desire to kick your yellow teeth in.
This story would be better if it ended with the disgruntled Ferris wheel operator furiously breaking off the operating handle, while the Ferris wheel spins faster and faster and faster at crazier and crazier speeds and then breaks off it's base and rolls into the ocean, like in Spielberg's "1941." Oh, and then the guy in spandex and his friends hop out and say "man, that was great, let's go again!" and steam shoots out of the Ferris operator's ears as he angrily shouts "Wilburrrrr!". (I'm not sure who Wilbur is, but maybe he could be the Ferris wheel operator's sidekick, kind of a Gilligan to his Skipper).
I'm glad a lot of these commenters thing it's ok to fuck and do drugs in the same tiny space where children and families go all the time. Good job, Sloggers.
@7, those kids and families better check their privilege. Fucking bourgeois suburban scum.
I'm glad @7 thinks that it's fine for ferris wheel workers to forcibly detain three people who had performed no violent actions for an indefinite period of time while waiting for the cops. The trio may have been out of line, but that doesn't mean the wheel operator gets to act like a cop on his own recognizance.
I like the artwork - thanks for these periodic graphic stories....
Aren't there cameras in each gondola?
Echo #10.
Who knew amusement ride operators only had a limited grasp of civil liberties law?
Phoenix Jones really could have saved the day here. Too bad he was trapped in a gondola with a girl wearing no shirt and a guy wearing only a shirt.
Pff, what did they expect building such a high-profile attraction only 1/4 mile away from the 3rd Ave/Pike+Pine area/Westlake Park/McDonalds.

Of course there's modern day Hunter S Thompson-adventures with spandex.
@9, yeah because I totally said it was fine for them to be detained. NEITHER thing is OK. They should have just caught them and kicked them off as fast as possible.
So what would have happened if the dude in blue was pounding on the window because of a medical emergency? This operator was really fucking stupid.
Breaking the rules (little waiver you sign when you get on), destruction of private property, citizen arrest, press charges for the damage.

The outrage should be directed at the police department for taking an hour to respond and then not arresting the perpetrators. And telling the operator not to do it again, not okay.
And supposing the unitard guy -- the one banging on the glass and trying to get the operator's attention -- was saying something like "Hey! Help! My friend has overdosed! Please call for medical help!!!"

Ha! LOL! Good one, Unitard Guy!

At 15 dollars a pop you should be able to do whatever the hell you want to in there!
Am I the only one here who thinks that the guys who operate the ferris wheel tried to do the right thing? Not their fault the cops took forever to get there.
And those cops should have totally had more of a response to this than letting them go. As far as I know, doing drugs in public, and public indecency, is still illegal.

(What IF they had been black? Just sayin'. @17 your comment didn't go by me.)

I think that the ferris wheel employees have a right to protect their property/business.

Are we really so 'pc' now that we freak out about the liberty of some people who were doing the wrong thing, and protect them instead of the poor guys operating the wheel?

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