This is a really stupid piece of journalism . This is what is wrong with our scene today. You apparently can tell if a band is talented by the name they chose?!?? Well I am the singer of piston ready and the show I played with the supersuckers ,red neck girlfriend, guns of Nevada was not only amazing but nearly sold out. Maybe you should actually take some time to do a real record review and not stattire music opinions.. This is just rude and ignorant!
Excuse me "satire" iPhone typo

There's nothing wrong with refusing to listen to bands with bad names. It's not like we're experiencing a shortage of musical acts.
This article is stupid. Theres really no reason to be putting out lists of bands you shouldn't see because of their name. We should be supporting venues like Studio Seven they have been a great platform for hardrock and metal acts to perform in Seattle.Even a lot of the bands on the list are locals which I find incredibly rude considering the Stranger supports and advertises a lot of shows at Studio Seven. Obviously the writer doesn't care for that genre of music and thats fine. It would have been better to just not write this at all IMO. Considering venues have been struggling the last few years and a lot of them been shut down this seems to be counter productive to support these venues and keep them open.

@3 That is true there is no shortage of bands but I still think this article really has nothing good about it. Its not even funny. Is the target audience for this piece just people who want to hate on metal bands and rock bands with abrasive names because they don't understand it? Then really all this article does is promote ignorance.
@3 - there's no shortage of musical acts, but there is a shortage of live venues and people that go to shows.

I wish the Stranger would give one fuck and support what littles' left of Seattles music scene.
LOl! Wow, this is one of the most ignorant articles I have read in quite a while! DO you write for the Whats Up too? Just about as close minded and way far off from any hint of true musical reality, knowledge and clue of what you are even talking about! Wow, I am sure glad no one judges or will ever judge your book by 'its cover' ma'am. Opinions are opinions, yeah, I get it, but to write a negative demeaning article or 'list' about Artists/bands that you haven't even given the time of day too? Lame! Some of the names are far out and some offensive, yes, but...SO? For example; Macabre, Ringworm, Panzerfaust, the Vatican, Vaginal Defecation, ALL GREAT AND VERY TALENTED BANDS! Please, before you demean anymore local and touring artists, take the time to do some real research, go to shows, band pages and actually learn what you are glad to not have seen! Just another example of Douchebag Journalism and P.C. close mindedness! ~Have a good day! ;)
Top 1 useless rag of every year.
The Stranger.
Wow, must have neen a really lame year to have to write such mediocre, high school newspaper drool!

I really wish the Rocket were still around, the stranger was always the "short bus" version of scene rags especially when it came down to the music scene.
What an anti-metal bias the hipster douchebag writer has.
haha the Supersuckers are a legendary band from Seattle fuckin townies.
Articles like this only cement the notion that the Stranger has devolved into a crappy zine run by a bunch of amateurs and hacks.

The Stranger was at one time on the cutting edge of music journalism in Seattle; It was a major player. However, it has slowly eroded away into being nothing more than a local high school gossip rag.

Good job, Stranger.
Seriously ?!?!?!

The Supersuckers ?

Did a mentally ill child write this

Or was it one of those filthy hipsters who know little to nothing about music, yet still has a job writing about music

Because well...bands like The Supersuckers, Genitorturers, Dope, and Lacuna Coil aren't bands who have sold out shows across the word, no? you even music, bro?
It's unfortunate you didn't attend those shows, you missed out on some great music.
Supporting venues like studio 7? No. Not like them. They don't give a shit who plays there. Though, I will agree this article is stupid. I'd say it was OK if they didn't just write band names and leave it at that.
I agree that it's a poor piece of journalism. It's either a case of "you had to be there" or it's based on some mystery argument that the journalist does not want to share with the readers. I read the list, saw the picture and haven't attended any of those shows, and I'm left to wonder, "what the hell? where is the rest of the story? Why did the article even get space here?" Yes. Bad journalism, but these days, anything passes for "journalism" even in mainstream. Par for the course? It would have made more sense to stick to the usual tirades on the political opposites like they are some kind of Frankenstein story set in a locked in community like Shyamalan's "The Village"
Dear god someone mediate this situation before people on pike st forget that we all agreed to hate people from Bellevue and not each other
Although I do find this article to be kind of rude I do have to say that as a feminist I find a lot of rock metal band names and lyrics to be mysogynistic however that's not the case with all these bands some of these bands do what a lot of oppressed people do they co opt insulting names and terminology to regain ownership of themselves. So I guess I'm saying I get the joke but the joke is a little insulting to the intelligence of the rock and metal community at large in Seattle.

I wouldn't say 90% of the names here are abrasive, just bad. In band's quests to be edgy or some shit, I think they lose sight of a lot of people don't have time to listen to bands with names they didn't put any effort into thinking up. This isn't my close-minded indictment of metal bands...I wouldn't waste my time listening to Tacocat either.
Even worse than some of these band names is that there are like fifty-four bands on each bill.
Top 10 times someone called a list an article.

Top 10 times someone intentionally gave their band a "shocking" name and then refused to have a sense of humor about it in 2014.

Top 10 times someone got fired up at 2am and made an account in order to leave abusive comments on what is literally a list of band names.

@16 - Perplexing mystery solved.
@20 - You may want to take that up with someone else.

Calm down! Happy new year!
Emily .. Supersuckers ,redneck girlfriend, guns of Nevada, and piston ready are not humorous names they are good and all of us play around a lot and have good crowd response. Unlike what is your band "tacocat" I have never heard of and let just judge the quality of that name . Sounds like a bad website that features cats eatting tacos for humorous memes .. Watch what ya write . Maybe try to write an article where you actually go to the shows. Hmmmm what a concept
Oh and btw "piston" is a part of an engine . Not pissed on which is what I would do on this article.

No one is doubting this bill's draw of people who would be into the kind of music you play. Every band on that bill has a name that would perfectly fit on a Supersuckers show. Or Nashville Pussy. Or Lyin' Bitch And The Restraining Orders. You see where I'm going here?
This is crap. How could the editor allow a piece of shit article like this. What happened to the The Stranger? More and more live venues are closing down. This is a time where this "local" magazine should show support for the local clubs that still support live music of any genre.
BREAKING: Member of band "Tacocat" criticizes other terrible band names.

In all fairness, some of those are pretty abysmal, mostly the metal-sounding ones. Also, you couldn't pay me to go to Studio 7. That place is shady as fuck.
@26 what are you getting at ? The names are awesome? That's what I get from that ;)

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