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The Following Mistakes Were Made This Year, and We Regret Them


"Stranger arts editor Sean Nelson regrets the 24 years he spent not knowing about the Frank Sinatra triple LP Trilogy: Past, Present, and Future, specifically Future." Have they changed that stupid rule about one book per author yet? Because a Sean Nelson 33 1/3 on this would be phenomenal.
Tom Rush regrets that The Stranger is apparently unaware that he wrote the song "No Regrets", which the Walker Brothers later covered.
The Stranger's biggest regret should have been hiring Ansel Herz. His mistake-ridden articles should cause everyone on the Stranger staff to wince...repeatedly.
Who has been vehemently opposed to the tunnel project well before it ever started and accurately predicted this debacled cluster? Yep - THIS GUY!
Good knowing The Stranger doesn't regret stopping nearly all it's local news coverage becoming The Rocket. And we all know who well THAT worked out for that local paper!
The Stranger lost A LOT of good talent this year, which is probably most regrettable of all.
Stranger staff wouldn't eat free pork buns? What the fuck is wrong with you monsters?
Seems like many of these regrets would disappear completely if The Stranger took on one of the major bugaboos vexing printed media these days, no proofreaders. It's been getting much, much worse lately, from local news to national publications. I've seen a ton of articles in the past year that would have gotten the writers or typesetters fired in years gone by. I've seen mangled headlines, too, blaring these errors in big fonts. Kinda sucks when so many of the regrets come from typos. I regret not telling The Stranger sooner.
I only regret my "official" twitter feed. Dry as toast. When it comes to my @BerthaDeBlues feed, I regret nothing. Nothing!


Everything not covered by the fired staff writers of the Stranger. The Stranger has passed into advertiser ass licking irrelevance in an already milquetoast town. RIP to the Stranger's reputation. Hello the New Stranger, advertiser lackey rag.
I love this annual column!

and yes, I would have eaten the pork buns.
Gotta agree with many of the above statements: Stranger's writing has become ABYSMAL since losing much talent in 2014. Nothing left but cobwebs. I also met a former Stranger staffer who told me that the office had become very "old-gay-guys-hating-girls", which is definitely borne out in the writing and the staffing. A MAJOR overhaul is in order.
This read like a script from SNL's "Weekend Update." Just not as funny. In fact; it was a pretty boring read and super hipster clichรฉ'd.
Ya'll need to get over yourselves, you uber-cool
Hipster Stranger Staff!
My regrets: reading the first five or six regrets of this "article"!
Kathleen R: Hiding in bed all winter long eating pizza and cookies is one of the best things about living in Seattle. Has no one introduced you to hot alcoholic drinks?
If that interaction with McDermott instead took place with Dave Reichert you can bet your ass it would have been played up huge in both Slog and in print. Because he's a good liberal McDermott gets a free pass for what is clearly reprehensible and offensive behavior.
Oh Stranger, still wishing and hoping that cars and trucks will magically vanish and we will all be whisked about in vacuum tubes. Sigh.
Was it actually Congressman Jim McDermott? Or was it the right-wing whackjob named Jim McDermott who was running as the Libertarian(I.E., Economic Royalist)Party candidate in a different congressional district?
@17: "Ms. Richards was very new to town and was unsure how to handle this interaction with a congressman..."
A lot of those were minor errors. But not covering the McDermott talk is not even an error. It's an ethical lapse. The Slog would have been drooling if a GOP had said that. And it wasn't just one slip. He kept digging which says a lot! She is/was the managing editor!! She's no newbie to journalism. You set yourself back five years as real journalists.
I regret having read this column.
"Ebola has not been found in Mercer Island's water supply. But other shit has"โ€”a tasteless reference to the feces-borne bacteria that Mercer Island residents were evidently gulping down once again"

Did you really mean Ebola? Or did you mean E. coli?
A.I. is a film with some cheese but also some vivid, interesting elements and a few moments that stayed with me. If it had ended at the bottom of the ocean it would have been an out-and-out good movie. You guys give him crap for a mixed review of it? It's better than that schlock-fest E.T.

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