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The Seahawks Facing the Patriots Is Some Serious Lion King Shit

The Patriots are the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls, back when their tunnel mess was as bad as ours.


I would like to thank The Lord for Smiting the Packers
Actually I wouldn't; I think the Pack would clearly be beatable by the Pats, but the Seahawks are a towering obstacle.
But the Pack couldn't stay away from combining their meats and cheeses could they so Seahawks/Pats it is.
absurd sub-headline, sir.
And you were worried.

Or WERE you?
my analysis of Sunday's game is thus: when Russell scored TD #2, the packer's defender was all "nice job, russ" and patting him on the back. the interceptor of the 4th interception slid down because they were being sportsmanlike - the game was out of reach.

if he'd run, possibly for a pick 6, we'd never have had a chance.

the seahawks (and the pats) would have run.
this is a seriously great moment in Seattle sports...the Seahawks are monsters in the NFL, the Mariners are gonna go to the World Series. Now somebody please, pretty please, I'm begging you....bring back the goddamn Sonics.

I don't like football, don't watch it unless forced to, and God knows I don't get the obsession factor.

However I have *GOT* to ask... WTF is up with that hair?
I predict a blowout.

Like in 2004, when the Red Sox came back from three games down in the ALCS to improbably beat the Yankees and then easily swept the Cardinals in the World Series, the Seahawks have gone through the same sort of unexplainable, miraculous, other-worldly, phenomenal Return From the Dead on their way to a championship.

So I expect the Best Team in the History of the NFL™ to demolish Brady and Belichick on February 1st...and be two-thirds of the way to the first three-peat in the history of the league.

Go Hawks!
"But it’s also obvious that our city’s recent growth has had a serious cost in terms of growing inequality, underfunded infrastructure, and a lost sense of entrenched community, architectural heritage, and diversity."

One could argue that the team's management (Vulcan) is hugely complicit in our city's aforementioned steroidal growth problem, which is a cruel irony for a Seahawks fan like me.

Good branding for Vulcan though. Better to be thought responsible for a winning team than loss of affordability, architectural heritage, and cultural/economic diversity.

Man, wtf is this crap about 11 of 12 balls being under inflated by 2 psi.


Waiting to hear more, but I am super pissed right now.
@11: Seriously. Cheating their way into the Super Bowl? I kind of wish the Pats were coming here for a regulation game so we could (loudly) express our contempt and disgust.
@9, you predicted a blowout for the Conference championship too...
@13: No I didn't. I predicted a 13 point Seahawks win. They won by 6. I was off by a TD.

I do remember when YOU said before the playoffs, "...keep that post bookmarked, because you'll see it come true when the Lions upset your boys." Didn't quite happen that way, did it?

Go Hawks! Best Team in the History of the NFL™.
The Patriots are better on both sides of the ball than the Packers, and their QB actually can use both legs, so I would not be terribly confident about a win, let alone a blowout after barely beating GB. Their secondary is much better than Green Bay's, so since GB was able to blanket Seattle's recievers until they stopped playing man, I would expect a similar outcome for the passing game, but Belicheck is too smart to stop doing what works just because of the time left in the game.

The Pats have small, shifty recievers and love playing dink and dunk, so it is going to be likely the biggest challenge Seattle's secondary will face all season. NE's recievers are exactly the type that bigger bodied DBs typically have problems with, so it should be an exciting matchup.

Should be a good game.
Maybe it is Lion King http://i.imgur.com/LtOUH3q.jpg
I think the Seahawks have a great shot at winning, but citing the Chiefs' win over the Patriots as a blueprint is a bit silly. The Patriots were 2-2 after that game and went 10-2 after that (including a meaningless final-game loss against Buffalo they just mailed in).

Using your logic you could say "...the Patriots are a better version of a very good Chargers team that had the Seahawks’ number."
Spike, I just love your Seahawks analysis. It's a rare glimpse of feeling like I am inside your head (or gut) and relating all over the place and expert football analysis that I trust. Thanks for adding to an already interesting and exciting journey. Go Hawks!
Hey, I know that guy,,, Mark Stendal.

you're absolutely right in analysis. the match-ups really couldn't be more fun to look forward to...given how gronk can stretch the field any which direction, it'll be interesting to see how seatle's secondary covers. if the hawks are caught being stubborn, the patriots might expose some defensive weaknesses seattle didn't even know they had. this might be the most exciting superbowl match-up in the past decade.

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