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Don't Let a Beautiful Thing Go the Way of SXSW

Record Store Day 2015 is on April 18. Kelly O


My last RSD experience (the Black Friday sale last November) made me realize that I'm no different than those people waiting in line for Target to open on the day after Thanksgiving, or those people who camp out in front of the Apple Store to get the latest version of the iPhone.
Oh @1, you nailed it. RSD is also a way for people to get instant rarities so they can sell them on Ebay or Discogs . As much as there are often some nice things put out, I just do not want to deal with the "humanity". and no, I do not purchase these things online either...meh.
If anybody reading this is still willing to brave a trip to record store tomorrow, and is an indie pop/jangle pop/kiwi pop fan, please consider picking up a copy of The Rightovers' new album Blue Blood on translucent green vinyl at Sonic Boom Records! therightovers.bandcamp.com
Today after picking up a copy of Mark Kozelek's RSD offering, the guy behind me mentioned that I should check out the band TV Colours so I added that to my order having never heard of them. That is my favorite part of record stores, talking with others and discovering new music.
Been garbage for years already. Enjoy your purple vinyl of a reissued LP from 4 years ago.
You lost me when you talked about an event that started in 2008 was fighting a battle against Napster.

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