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Distressingly, Most Voters Across the Country Don't Either

“Companies shouldn’t cave in to the demands of climate-change scientists,” says presidential contender Carly Fiorina. Scott Olson / Getty Images


20 years from now I'll probably be gone, and with it the republican mindset of climate change and what we should do about it now. The republicans will not acknowledge the fact that the earth is warming up and that fossil fuels have played a major role in this occurance. The republicans will gradually come around to the fact that California has no water, and that the Salinas Valley is the major producer of produce for our country and also a major employer of our newly accepted Latino population. (That fact no thanks to the republicans) So, what to do? Move the almond producers to Oregon and Wash. to conserve water? Build a water pipeline from the Columbia river to Bakersfield? Build a huge desalienator for L.A. which would free up enough water for the Salinas Valley? The republicans want to be in charge now and they have to make some decisions soon, or they will be toast again for another 20 years.
The more I witness mankind try to destroy itself the more I just want to sit back and watch it all unfold. I just hope it happens before our virus spreads to other planets.
@1: So you're 80 then.
No mention of Bernie Sanders, who has never hesitated to speak on the urgency of this topic? The fuck?
#2 Bullshit..Unmitigated Bullshit.. Just read any ICCC report...
@3, I'm with you. Should be great TV watching the planet wipe out the human infestation on it's surface. Lots of screaming and destruction but without the fake CGI. It really will be must see TV!!
@2, 98% of scientists disagree with you. I'm not saying that it's impossible for 98% of the scientists in the world to be wrong but you'd better have some pretty compelling evidence to prove it. It will need to be better than you not liking their models.

I'm sure that when 100% of scientists back AGW (including that last 2% that work in the fossil fuel industry) then Republicans will come around. Just like they did on evolution.
D’oh! I meant IPCC, not the evil Heartland Institute ICCC faux panel.. @2 by the way, stop with the stupidity.. 2014 was the hottest year on record...
@7, @3: Do such fatalistic dispositions give you guys a sense of validation or empowerment?
@10 No, but if you can't win, join 'em. Right? Yolo :)
@8. Are you really so dumb that you believe that les than 100 scientists agreeing with your viewpoint constitutes a 98% majority? Learn the facts before you quote studies you have never looked at. This is typical of the ignorance in the Religious Left Global Warmers.
@14 The facts are that the NAS and AAAS have issued some of the sternest public releases for over the decade about AGW.. You can peruse whatweknow.aaas.org. You can read any IPCC report, which is one of the largest scientific conferences ever, besides the science academies of pretty much every country agreeing on AGW..

The idiots, and they are idiots, who deny that Climate Change is happening, and state bullshit rhetoric like "we don't know why the earth is warming", "the facts and date aren't in" to the usual shibboleths, like "Antarctic Ice Caps" or North Pacific Oscillation" crapola.

There have scientific studies from the 1860s about Carbon Dioxide as a greenhouse gas, there have been theorectical work from the 1890s that greenhouse gases will raise the surface temperature on earth. All the peer review, and I mean peer review studies show one thing, the earth, the experiment is warming and the cause is man made use of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases..

Stop with the fuckin denial, and fuckin whining.. AGW is happening, and we need to do something to cut carbon dioxide admissions of all countries..
Distressingly, Most Voters Across the Country Don't [care much about climate change] Either

Actually a majority of American care very much about climate change. Just see most polls on the topic to be better informed about this and stop making it easier for deniers to claim there is no problem.
Here's a great site to check on polls on what people in the US are feeling
In this case, 55% of 1,025 adults think that global warming is caused by human activities. Distressing to me is that only 37% think that it will be a serious threat to our way of life in their life time. Hello? What's happening in California and the West Coast right now? The drought is certainly becoming a serious threat.
"An overwhelming majority of the American public, including half of Republicans, support government action to curb global warming, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future."

"Americans are still firmly committed to action on climate change right now, the new polling data suggests. Respondents seemed to strongly prefer “big government” solutions focused on increased regulation and executive action, and are lukewarm to market-based policies like a revenue-neutral carbon tax."

I'd do my whole "I'm a geoscientist, I've read up on the issue, I've forgotten more about atmospheric science and climatology than most of you scrubs have even learned and it's not even central to my field of expertise, now here is why AGW is absolutely happening and absolutely a threat to human civilization and if you are still a denier you are thick in the head" schtick, but it all feels so pointless lately. You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.
@2: the majority of muslims literally believe that Muhammad flew to Jerusalem on the back of a winged horse named Barack. the majority of Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days. that the majority of Americans, the most thoroughly and scientifically propagandized population in history, believe what the Petroleum and Coal industries pay the GOP and its media noise machine to tell them about AGC doesn't surprise me in the least.

after all, you do.
There's a good article in The New Republic about how Republicans are being led by the rings in their noses by they their idiot base. Many GOP lawmakers are aware that global warming is real, and that humans cause it, and that serious steps need to be taken, but they also know that if they breathe a word of support the base will slaughter them and burn their entrails. "No one wants to be the next Bob Inglis".

Seriously, people, give it up. There is no debate anymore. You're a Flat Earther now.

I hope you can read this even if you're not a subscriber: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/12154…
@12, you've got to be the first commenter on Slog to quote Max Planck -- congratulations. If indeed he really did say what you quoted.
Unfortunately, the horse is out of the barn and has disappeared into the woods. There is no stopping climate change by banning coal trains or driving Priuses or going off the grid. It just doesn't matter anymore what's done now or not done; the process has gone beyond our control or even effect. That's not cynicism; it's realism.
I expect that more articles sneering at readers for being so obviously stupid will probably not advance your cause much. Not too many people care about what snotty arrogant entitled teenagers have to say, even when they're telling the truth.
@22: Nice avatar. John Boehner cosplay?

You have the audacity to feature a photo of that ugly bitch, Carly Fiorina, yet nowhere in the article do you attempt to be fair and balanced and print her political web site:


@27: We can add your characterization of a (female) Republican presidential candidate as an "ugly bitch" to the list of evidence that you're unabashedly sexist. Remember that time I pointed out something sexist you said and you flipped the fuck out?
Also, what gives? I thought that you were "As of April 2015, no longer commenting at this site due extreme censorship of comments!" (according to your profile). By which you presumably mean that literally three of your inane batshit walls-o'-text have been deleted since New Year's.
#2*: God, you're a whiny little bitch.
#29: That's @29 btw, not #2*.
#24: Yeah, fuck it, give up. Sounds reasonable, right?

Hey, me too! He flipped the fuck out when I did that some time ago.

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