Given your background in finance and sales, how did you come to be the purveyor of such dandy garments?

Well, as I like to tell people, I started running with a younger woman, and she wasn't ready to retire. She also wanted me to clean out our closets. I've always loved clothes. The shop started from the nucleus of my own wardrobe.

It must be hard to resist snagging the best stuff for yourself.

It's so much fun. I've been known to change clothes three or four times a day. I cherry-pick a bit from thrift stores, but at least 75 percent or more of what I carry comes from customers. I trade for generous store credit. It behooves me to give them a good deal.

You've been running the shop for two years, and living in Columbia City for three. That means you're part of some of the big changes that have been taking place down there. Has there ever been any tension with longer-term residents?

I haven't felt a backlash. There has been very little negative vibe. It's a very welcoming neighborhood, and I try to carry things for everyone. I'm not looking to be a smoothie. recommended