What are the benefits of yoga for people whose lifestyles often involve physical damage (staying up late, drinking, getting high, listening to music at punishing volume)?

As a person who is very familiar with this lifestyle, I can honestly say it helps with it all. Yoga teaches you meditation, and meditation teaches you to know who you really are. Any artist or weirdo or punk can benefit from this greatly. Also it is physical—and after regular practice, you get stronger and more flexible. This helps those who shred, shred harder. Dedicated yogis have said yoga will save the world, and in a sense they are right.

Does your yoga practice offer any helpful tools for dealing with a 4- month-old puppy who will never pee when you need her to?

YES. This is gonna sound cheesy, but yoga taught me to experience things as energy. Our minds love to label things and put things in categories and boxes. But energy just is, and it is everything. Anyway, Luci understands me as energy, so if I am stressed out, she picks up on it and starts needing to chew things. If I am excited, she wants to play! If I am assertive, she knows to follow me. Animals are so smart that way.

Is Luci a good girl?

She is a very, very, very good girl! recommended