Features Sep 23, 2015 at 4:00 am

What they think of you, how to sleep with them, and other advice from someone who's done that job.

James Yamasaki


Nice article, mostly spot on.

I was really looking forward to sending this to my students to read until that last part, but that makes sending it from me problematic to say the least.
What are you going to write about when you exhaust your personal experiences and connections, because it's already getting pretty fucking thin.

And @1 is right. It's like you don't trust yourself, so you stick in snarky humor that undoes everything. Like that dumbass post on Planned Parenthood. It had a good message, but it was undone by all your "labial wizards" language.

In review, how about you trust your subject and do your job and stop trying to be funny until you know how.
@2: When's the last time you were invited to a houseparty?
I spent a year as an Adjunct at a major university on the East coast. This was 10 years ago, but with a full course load, I only made 10k for the year. No benefits. One of the other full time adjuncts there (he'd been there 7 years) also worked full time at Home Depot just so he could have health insurance. Several others taught at other universities and community colleges in the area in addition. They often traveled 2-3 hours on those days to teach. It was pretty depressing. Oh, there were also 12 of us that shared a single office. I didn't return. I'd also say to current students, think of that before you write some snarky comment on the teacher evaluation. Perhaps the grade you got was the one you earned.
@3 - Invited to lots, but it's been a long time since I could attend. I'm too busy bitterly criticizing blog writers to leave my apartment. What if someone posted something stupid while I was partying? Can't risk it.
@5: Nice recovery there.
Hate to say it but this was really kind of a shallow and disturbing article.

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