Aeon Fux, aka Elytra, is currently in a program called "The Nature of Music" at the Evergreen State College. She makes fantastically dark and organic experimental music as a solo performer.

"I play in a lot of different styles," says Elytra. "Most of the songs I'm writing and performing right now would probably fall under the 'doom-soul' spectrum—like neo-soul, but much darker."

Elytra is performing as Aeon Fux at the 'Mo-Wave Queer Arts and Music Festival. "When I first saw the 'Mo-Wave lineup, I thought, 'Wait, is this real?' I'm a huge fan of East Coast artists Cakes da Killa, Le1f, Destiny, and Dai Burger. I can't believe a lineup like this is happening locally!" recommended

Aeon Fux performs at 'Mo-Wave on Saturday, November 14, at Chop Suey. Find a full schedule at