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An Excerpt from My New Book, War Is Beautiful

I went back and reviewed New York Times front pages from the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 to the present. MOHAMMED ABED/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE-GETTY IMAGES


@1: He's not advocating that at all, but thanks for completely mis-understanding his point.
I feel just sick.
What you're doing to W.C.Williams is what the facsists did with Nietztsche. Twisting words to fulfill your own end. Williams 'destruction' refers to the act of writing. You rip it out of context to make it sound like it's about war.
That sort of false morality sadly undermines your project.

Sounds like we got one of them book readers...
Are there other photos documenting these events that Shields would approve of?

How would you like a reality that the vast majority of Americans cannot understand be communicated? Reeks of Privilige. Stinks of it actually.
Roughly 93% of communication is non-verbal. You dont actually beleive that you are listening to car company and crapper paper commercials during the Super Bowl or you favorite TV show are you? Its repetitive visualization to the mindless masses. And if you dont believe that, try turning off the volume during a couple commercial sets and count how many hypnotic images flash before your eyes in a 5 minute break. This goes for Facebook and Twitter too. How many images of torn up vets and cancer-riddled children, cute dressed up pets and ridicilous memes pass before your very eyes every day hundreds of times a day. And everyone loves it and lives their dreams that God is magically going to give them money by "Sharing" a homonogized vision of the Son of God 30 times over. People don't actually have to read - well -anything more than 140 characters that some unknown source wrote to them about the picture or - hell - about life in general any each and every one of you believe it. From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton to Pope Francis. And as far as this "accomplished mission" goes, well I recommend brushing up on the history of another 200-year war of religious ideologies called The Crusades, or more recently the Age of Robotics in Warfare, and the ability to create synthetic life in a lab. At best, this article is hypocritical tripe to whats coming down the road. One can only hope the shit holds together long enough to beat the herd mentality and stampeding that is sure enough to come.
@1 - Isis is a product of war. War begets war begets war begets war. And the Unimaginative advocate for more war to solve it. There are other options.
. . . . so?

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