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The Stranger's 2015 Regrets Issue

Sydney Brownstone, a Stranger news reporter, regrets that Shell Oil's media office never answered her requests for comment after the first couple of times she wrote about one of their Arctic drilling rigs arriving in Seattle. Kelly O


I regret freeing Canada but not Scotland.

Next year, Scotland, after Cameron forces Scotland to leave over Brexit.

Thy will be done.
Your copy editor should also regret that in this very article there is a typo in the paragraph about daylight savings time. :-)
Serious question: if managing Slog is a "howling nightmare of never-ending, minute-by-minute deadlines", and the writers have started turning off comments, why keep it running? Do you guys make any money off of it, or is it just masochism and/or pride at this point?

I love you guys, and I would miss Slog terribly, but don't keep doing it if it's sucking away time from the overall mission - excellent journalism.
"Stranger staff writer Heidi Groover read every one of those posts on Slog about the gum wall. She regrets the error."

I agree.
It has come to my attention that Susie Purves's name was mispelled in the regret about Northwest Film Forum. The mistake that keeps on giving! It's fixed.
I regret caring entirely too much for an ugly Glaswegian fuckboy & The Hills by the Weeknd.
The one about the video rental boy made me smile harder. In sympathy though. In sympathy.
Running that front page editorial bashing the Bernie Sanders crowd for not being more polite as they were disparaged by two stage bum rushers who didn't know Sander's politics. That was pathetic.
@8 is correct
"The officers did, however, deride the people they were supposed to protect with racially coded language—calling them "hos," baby mama etc."

Sure Ansel Herz committed borderline libel, b-but the police called people MEAN NAMES! You guys are too much sometimes.
Shell never responding to Sydney's annoying emails is not an error; but actually better for her in the long run as a pseudo-journalist because she will eventually learn how to gain trust even with adversarial relationships.
@2, you're the one with regrets this time: The correct, government-invented name is "Daylight Saving Time". Calling it "Savings" is a common misconception.

Of course the real error is that we're still adjusting our clocks long after the theory behind it has been debunked.
Oh yeah, and WTF is wrong with Jen's dog? Or do I even want to know?
rob! took his mother all the way to some churchy thing of hers in Madison in the summer of 1991, leaving him with plenty of time to roam in and out of every shop within two blocks of State Street and inhale hot college-boy funk. He regrets not having a single memory of either Mr. Savage or the bagel boy.
Oddly, The Man In The High Castle doesn't seem to have any trouble filming in readily identifiable locations in Seattle (and passing them off as both New York City *and* San Francisco).
"City Hall reporter Heidi Groover repeatedly misspelled Lorena González's last name as "Gonzales" in one of the first Slog posts Ms. Groover ever wrote about Ms. González, who's now a powerful city council member. We regret the error."

Well now, that certainly makes the following article sound silly. Debra, Debora... just don't call her Debbie.

Mayor's Office Sends Out Press Release Misspelling New Council Member's Name
by Heidi Groover • Dec 23, 2015
I don't feel sorry for Shell Oil, and wouldn't regret the entire fossil fuel industry and their lobbyists going bankrupt, losing all their dirty, ill-gotten money and political power.
@8 & @9: Thank you both. Agreed. And the stage bum rushers only made their cause look bad in the process.
"Stranger social media manager Zach Peacock regrets the aging, conservative Facebook trolls who spend their ample free time "fighting back" against The Stranger. "

Yep, trolls are the pits. And conservative trolls looking for a fight? Yuck. But can The Stranger stop with the ageism already? This is the second ageist statement I've read in as many months. Please don't give me a reason to stop reading The Stranger. It's been informing me since The Rocket folded and I'd rather miss it.
But I AM a cisgendered female tunneler, and I prefer to be referred to as "she." No patriarchy here, just a love for ice cream and chick flicks.

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