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A Visit to a Psychic, an Astrologer, and Two Other Mystics

I visited this psychic in the shadow of the Space Needle. Kelly O


The writing style of Marti Jonjak should be carefully observed, emulated where appropriate, by the staff and contributors of the Stranger. Let it be your 2016, if you will; aspire to a greater degree of journalism.
When inquiring of charlatans, snake-oil peddlers, liars or others similarly situated for their own personal profit and gain, why exclude televangelists? After all, they – more than almost any other humans – possess the proclivity and the skills required to prey upon the gullible, superstitious, greedy, religious, "faith-based" among us.

Ask an evangelical Christian-fundamentalist clergyman for advice regarding the future – a theological equivalent of asking a chiropractor for a surgical consultation regarding a complicated cardiovascular procedure.
It's easy to characterize these people as crackpots - a lot of them have completely fooled themselves into thinking this form of reality exists. I used to date a girl who thought her "kundalini was rising" and all kinds of water memory tarot-reading reiki bullshit. There is a whole world of this stuff, all sustained by half-mental people who can't tell their fellow nut-proprietors from the conscious shysters. Some tarot card readers know their clients are sad sacks looking for something and know how to string them along, others are convinced they're actually discovering and feeling things. That whole "Hall of Guides" thing - that lady is really imagining that. These people go DEEP. It is a very strange and sad little world. I imagine my old girlfriend still believes it while she explains away her life in her parents' basement as she cracks 30...
its all just entertainment! the price gouging thing is uncool though. Why does this article totally fail to live up to its title? I was hoping to find out about Seattles future but its just a personal article. not bad for a diary entry.

I used to be a professional tarot reader/amateur astrologer in the UK before I moved here. You picked people that didn't really tell you much at all. Pick a pro next time! There are some awesome readers in Seattle. Rene in Gargoyles on the Ave, being one of my favorites. He never misses. There's also a great reader in Pike Place, Tenzing Moma, I think he goes by the name of Thundercloud? Also provides actual accurate information, not speculation and fluff.

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