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Ask for"High-CBD" Weed Instead

Blueberry Essence: This high-CBD plant has THC levels as low as 1 percent or less, but CBD levels of 5 to 15 percent. Michelle Conner


CBD's benefits are starting to become clearer, but it's still pretty early, as far as research. it seems there are a couple problems with the methods used to evaluate it:
- if high-THC strains cause adverse reactions, it stands to reason that a lower-THC strain, which means all of the intentionally bred high-CBD strains, will be less likely to cause bad reactions - but how is this really different from simply smoking/eating/vaporizing less of high-THC cannabis?
- where's the research on CBD use in complete isolation, as in zero-THC products? it's hard to not wonder if all the positive reports about high-CBD strains, when it comes to anxiety, are really about the low THC, not the presence of CBD.

as you point out, pretty much all the high-CBD products in the stores also have THC. it's basic science that you need to isolate the variables to evaluate them, so it'll be interesting to see what CBD in isolation actually does, once there's a body of high-quality research. we're not there yet, tantalizing anecdotal accounts notwithstanding.
As another person who gets severe anxiety reactions from weed and misses the old days of being able to just fall blissfully asleep - with out hearing my thundering heartbeat - this is exactly the advice I've been desperate for. Thanks.
There's a few strains that are nearly all CBD, with THC <1%. we have one now called AC/DC, and it's boring AF, though Mrs. Solomon loves it. I don't see the point.

I prefer a low-THC (<20%) Indica-dominant hybrid. Recently, I've liked Pie Face. No paranoia, no racing heartbeat.
Is this a perennial article?
For those of us who take one hit of regular weed and start to feel like we're having a bad acid trip: the only way I've found to get the right dose for myself is to have somebody whose germs I like exhale a little second-hand into my mouth.

I also never trust that strains with the same name are actually the same thing from one pot shop to another. Nor do I trust the judgement of the stoners at the weed counter. Low low low doses and a bit of trial and error regarding strains and shops are the only thing that does it for me.
I think the woman quoted in the article was thinking of myrcene when she said, "limonene is what is responsible for citrus smelling strains. It actually thins the blood brain barrier and enables your body to absorb more terpenes and more THC, thus producing a stronger high." Limonene does not possess that characteristic as far as I've learned.

Also, you mention at a point that CBD:THC ratios are "never usually" lower than three to one, when in fact there are many!

Other than that great article on the benefits of this super important cannabinoid!
I'll chime in on behalf of mom weed. I go into a store and explain that I have a kid & frequently have a houseful of young children. I want to enjoy a light buzz, without being a puddle on the couch and/or without being so impaired that I can't be a responsible parent. I look for lower ABV beers. Thanks so much for highlighting that I need to look for higher CBD pot.
What about selling just the leaves? That's what weed was in the 1970s/80s. Dime bags with leaves, seeds, and stems. Nice, gentle highs, no blotto paranoid panics. If you wanted something stronger, you found some hash. What do the producers do with the leaves? I'd like a baggie of just leaves and seeds, please. No buds.
@8 They should totally have a shelf with "lids" for sale.
@8: ew, gross. even back then, shake was a ripoff. just look for a high CBD/low THC combo, like 5-7% of each. you'll be fine.

try Hawaiian Dream - that was a good balance. https://www.leafly.com/sativa/hawaiian-d…
I quit smoking weed for a very long time, because of the turn to high-THC strains. They not only made me anxious & paranoid, they made me shake & twitch like a meth-smoking Chihuahua. High CBD strains have finally made it possible to indulge again.

I also would love to see leaf available again, as it makes it much easier for me to titrate the right dose. I'm one of those one-hit not enough, 2-hits too much sorts. And sometimes I'd just like to relive my youth with a couple of fat joints and a Pink Floyd album.
@SITKAgold makes a filtered, low THC joint product that gives you a nice buzz. They're widely available in Seattle.
@4 It should be. Buying weed solely on high THC content sounds as dumb as going into the beer store and saying "I'd like your strongest malt liquor!"
My hands are naturally a bit shaky. Not wild tremors, but enough to be a little annoying at times. Any suggestions from the weed world for a motor-neuron-calming effect?

It's kind of cloying though and always the same background and lament. I get it, my wife uses high cbd strains for her period but this lament is ridiculous. The unfailing ability of stranger writers to ignore portions relative to strength drives me up a wall. It's like complaining that coffee is too strong because you can no longer kill a pot before noon without feeling like shit.

I smoke a ton of weed and have a higher tolerance but even after a long t break the answer isn't smoke less strong and especially ultra hybridized weed, it's smoke it in smaller quantities. Yall need roaches. A gram will last you months.
And I'd argue its like walking into a grocery store, buying hard alcohol and then drinking it like malt liquor then complaining that the alcohol is the problem.
@ScrawnyKayaker In case you ever reread this and find the comment, yes - low-THC high CBD weed will be kind to your tremor more than likely. It is to mine!
Okay, how about someone like myself who has asthma and can't smoke weed but would like to try an edible that doesn't make me anxious (I already have general anxiety disorder, depression, and am bipolar 2) but lets me relax? I had a friend who would blow weed smoke into my mouth and I got silly, dopey, and waaaaaaay relaxed. I loved it. I didn't get the munchies, either, which was great as I'm a Type 2 diabetic. I've ALSO got moderate back problems and would just like to have a damn vacation from all the pain. Any suggestions for edibles? DO edibles contain CBD? I am a newbie, can't you tell?
DrummerGrrl, there are edibles out there that are high-CBD. I can't tell you any more about them as I've never tried them.
Trying to find a strain with decent THC and ALSO decent CBD has been infuriatingly difficult. I want 18-20% THC and ~5% CBD and Ike's nor Ponder seem to have anything like that. Also, budtenders, please shut up with the indica vs sativa bs. It tells you nothing.

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