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Some Practical Advice to Help You Make the Most of Masturbation Month

Amanda Lafrenais


Trust the sex-positive movement to turn masturbation into a chore, with schedules and things to buy so you can do it right. I'll decide when and how to flick my bean and you decide on yours, kay?
I'm not sure it's worth it. It's better to just find a special someone to have sex with.
Is...Is that teenage Lilo from Lilo and Stitch?
I'm going to completely disagree with the unchallenged premise that male madturbation is some how viewed more favorablely or naturally. It's more often considered gross, perverse and most often at best a punchline. Exactly because of ejaculation. Judd Apatow makes a career about how "gross" male madturbation is. Men are taught to be ashamed of jerking off to this day.

While female masturbation is much more erotisized. Women can rub one off totally secretly in public and it's almost a point of pride.
Jeez. Why does auto correct turn masturbation into madturbation?
I found this sex-positive article anything but a chore--hot! hot! hot! Like Charyn, I was an early wanker in a sex-negative environment (though I was never caught, thank god). Power to the people.
so, you only recommend girl/girl porn? a recc for straight gals would help the majority of your presumably non-masturbating female readers.
OMG are illustrations from Amanda Lafrenais going to be a thing now? Because that is A+ THE BEST.
As I remember it, Clinton pretty much had to fire Dr. Elders because the effin' Republicans and their tight-ass allies made so damn much stupid fuss about what she'd said, claiming that she was recommending teenagers be taught how to masturbate in the schools, and more of that kind of b.s. It was a loud, stupid, but effective campaign and a good indicator of the power the religious Right was developing. As long as something can be lied about and twisted to their service, they're on it like flies on shit, and they demonstrated that at the time.
@9: A fine tune about the firing of Joycelyn Elders by the inimitable Foremen:

You're right; if anything, "masturbator" is a specifically male insult.

But then, I can kind of see the sense (or maybe just self-preservation instinct) in simply tuning out all male-to-male conversation entirely when you're trying to think about gender issues.
Any people mutually masturbate anymore?
Is there any research on women acquiring a tolerance to a vibrator, making it more difficult to get off without one, analogous to the male so-called death grip?

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