Queer Issue: My Girlfriend and I Just Visited North Carolina, and We Did Not Get Beat Up

We even got to go to the bathroom. And then we took topless photos outside Governor Pat McCrory's mansion.


And why would you even think you would get beat up? On how some of us homos love to extrapolate headlines into our own lives to bask in victimhood-by-poxy.

North Carolina has always been a wonderful state with great people and its shameful to have that condescending predisposition.
If you're looking to get beat up go to Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Muslim majority nations are much worse than Christian majority nations towards women and queers as a whole.
As a fellow traveler who also escaped from the South (Welcome to Arkansas - Set your clocks back 30 years) to Seattle 16 years ago, I loved every word of this. Wonderfully true. And best wishes for the wedding, congrats!
@ 1 & 2, One of my best friends from high school was nearly beaten to death in a gaybashing. It can happen anywhere, but the critical difference is the political and religious leaders, along with their voters, in the South promote hatred, intolerance, and discrimination, rather than condemn it. Five miles outside of a major city and you might as well be in Iran.
The bigger queer issue is that communist propaganda has successfully convinced gays that communism is a solution. Communists hate gays. When the communists are done using the gays to help destroy the family unit and societal traditions in the US (aka, active measures), to help pave the way for communist control, the gays will then be targeted by the communists. All of you are being played.
Lovely piece, thanks.

For heaven's sake, raindrop, it is not inconsistent to say SC is a wonderful state with great people and also some people who will be aggressive toward gender nonconformity.

WA too, just different parts.
How does writer know s/he is a "male person"?
Writer has not experienced biological "maleness" (whatever that is) so how can writer know?
Mystified by such statement.
@ 5,

1987 called and they want their crank letter to the editor back.
Great article! I loved the bit about judging on appearance, I think that's a weird aspect of the theoretically open-minded culture we've created up here.
@4: "Five miles outside of a major city and you might as well be in Iran."

I enjoy hyperbole too, but let's get real. Also, one's attitude is everything.
@ 10, Why don't we also duck and cover in case we're about to get hit by a commie nuke.
@10 I'm bisexual, and I'm all about stable, cohesive family units and capitalism. If you feel your family is threatened, maybe focus on what needs to be fixed in your life instead of scapegoating the scary gays.
How about a link to the article mentioned in the last part of the article? The one about gender spectrum that makes it easy to understand?