This Asshole Again

The Family Policy Institute's Joseph Backholm Is Back—He's Still Attacking LGBTQ People, He's Still Getting Paid to Hate, and He's Still a Huge Asshole.


I say we start a movement--ship used dildos to this creep so that we might plug up another asshole.
"A transgender person SAID they were beaten"? Do we now think the story was made up? Just wondering.
@auntie grizelda Why not, I hear it worked quite well on Ammon Bundy and his rag tag bag of 'Merika luvin' haters, I mean followers, in Oregon.
How many more "beat ups" till we get some actual evidence? police report? security footage? witnesses? Is this another campaign tactic from the left?
Instead of shipping used dildos to this asshole, why not just ship him to Guam, tie some weights around his neck and drop him into the Mariana Trench, (the real one, not the restaurant Tamuning)
He does have kind of a purty mouth though.
I can think of few things more guaranteed to drive up demand for abortions than opposing sex education in schools. So, Republicans, which is it? Are you trying to reduce abortion, or not?
My guess? One day we'll find out he was a straight man preying on women and girls all along, and his stupid hollering was all just a complicated smokescreen.