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We’re Not Too Big to Say “I’m Sorry”


Oh Jesus. Qualifying the cowardly idiotic support of the immoral invasion of Iraq as "temporary" is like saying you temporarily supported a lynching. When the body of an innocent is swinging in front of you there are no "take backs," asshole. Those 200,000 Iraqis are still dead you chickenhawk pile of shit.
How about using unpaid interns to cover labour issues? Or what about the time Dan sent slog readers to the fb page of a guy who stiffed and wrote a rude comment on a bill, only for it to be the wrong person?
Also add editorializing against the Seattle commons
I love The Stranger, but when you guys accused Isaac Brock of rape, which was recanted, on the cover in '99 (not available online or in any archive anymore as far as I can tell) I'd say that was a mistake.
Rape is real. I believe victims, but you tarred someone on the cover nonetheless without checking in to it. That was a huge mistake. I guess it does not fit in the cute jokey tone of these nostalgia pieces though.
Supporting the Iraq resolution at the time was a thoughtful intelligent choice at the time, and blaming Hillary, or Dan, for making decisions based on the knowledge at the time and calling it a mistake is clearly not a mistake. A mistake is an error. Political positions are not errors, even when proven it was the wrong course of action by later historical perspective.
@3: Indeed!
@5, "mistake". Sure. As in "Mistakes were made"--understatement of all time?
@5 the internment of Japanese citizens, the invasion of Poland and the holocaust were "political policies" too, dumbshit.
Your cutesy poo deflection of the one meaningful mistake you deigned to mention is deplorable. Have a modicum of decency and own that shit or don't bother bringing it up at all.

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