Amid the Darkness of Trump, Che Taylor's Sister DeVitta Briscoe Is Fighting for Change. She Needs Your Help.

Having Lost Her Son to the Streets and Her Brother to a Run-In With the Law, She's Now Gathering Signatures for an Important Citizens Initiative on Police Reform


I hope we work harder to prevent ALL ex cons from getting their hands on guns.
I feel for her, and I agree with her cause; but there has to be a better face for reform if this law than a Che Taylor relative. Her involvement may even make it harder to rally support for change.
Just think, if we all were more focused on keeping guns out of the hands of ex-cons, Che Taylor would still be alive today, just minding his own business and selling heroin to his community.
"Briscoe vigorously contests this version of events. She believes the officers did not give her brother clear orders or give him a chance to comply with those orders. She believes he was murdered."

Her Brother would be alive today if he didn't carry a firearm into a staked out drug den. Yeah, Yeah, he just carries an empty holster whether he goes. He refused to comply to Police officers with drawn weapons. (Yes I saw the video) Che Taylor wasn't released, he was paroled, any violation of his paroled would had put him back in prison, like dealing heroin..

"She believes he was murdered."

If only there were some other examples of peoples beliefs getting in the way of facts (climate change, abortion gay marriage, ...) we might expect the stranger to apply the same standards to this case.
His real name is Marvin Hunter. He was an ultra violent felon who was armed with a loaded firearm. If the cops are going to shoot anyone, I want it to be this guy. I bet his rape, robbery and assault victims agree with me.