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Reproductive care clinics are bracing for an influx of patients.


Let's also stop using the phony term "conversion therapy" and call it what is really is: conversion torture.
I've been curious... Has legal weed led to fewer instances of incarceration for black people? Or are the same people being targeted but with a different excuse? Obviously the law does not change prejudice. I voted for legalization bc of the social justice argument and feel sick about Uncle Ikes. Has there been any research into general incarceration rates after legalization? Are they same or is there a difference? Thanks.
Roxanne - This is Ian from Uncle Ike's. I am curious what about my operation makes you feel sick? Is Uncle Ike's somehow different than other pot stores? I am also curious about your meaning about incarceration. Obviously mass incarceration is one of the most pressing issues in America today, but in King County I doubt there is anyone is jail for pot possession or small distribution. It has been de-prioritized or de-criminalized for over a decade. In other parts of the country the situation is vastly different.
President Trump did not say there should be "some form of punishment" for women who have abortions.

When asked a hypothetical; if abortion was illegal what should happen to people who get abortions; he said the lawbreakers should be punished.

We realize the notion of enforcing the law offends The Left but someone who pretends to be a journalist should muster the tinniest speck of self-respect and integrity and try to be truthful once in a blue moon...
You need to move NYC into the Chill AF category. You could get weed delivered to your doorstep just as easily as take-out.
Ian: What is your intention in engaging in this conversation with me?

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