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riddle me this? Why the fuck does Sawant want to shut down business in a city that voted over 90% DEM? Im a democrat and this is straight up ridiculous, you want to change some minds take a trip to Spokane/tri cities/Everett and protest there. Your preaching to the choir and IMO we look like spoiled kids throwing a temper tantrum, grow the fuck up get out the vote and protest when The Donald actually does something we disagree with. The far left is like the boy who cried wolf.
by does something I'm referring to an actual policy that will impact our lives, right now its all words.
A FEW Seattle cops celebrated Trump? They all support him. They will all do what Trump asks them to do, not Murray. What power does Murray or anybody else have to control the SPD? We have a rigged system that prevents holding the police accountable and Murray doesn't have the balls to do what it takes to change that.

Oh, and what happens to the Justice Department oversight when Trump takes over? Police reform is done.

The city council still has the power to de-fund the police. That's our only tool. Cut off the money, and redirect it to things that really Seattle needs.
It gets bettermore fucked-up --

Here's a super-close-up of Kris Kobach's proposed first-year agenda for DHS under Trump.

Notice the bit about "______ Record Number of Criminal Aliens in the First Year" where that invisible first word is probably "Deport." Also notice the bit about defining "criminal alien" as any alien who has been arrested -- not convicted -- for a crime.

So, yeah -- local policing is where the Trumpian xenophobic rubber is gonna meet the civil rights road. No doubt there's a lot of cops in Seattle who will be more than happy to make a questionable arrest if the subject is sufficiently brown.
The trouble with stereotypes ... well, you are almost always wrong. As a police officer with decades of time on the street I'm here to tell you that there are plenty of officers who didn't support Donald Trump. A couple of Twitter or Facebook posts does not represent the rank and file. This is pretty pathetic Ansel. You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to trash cops this week. I will give you this, you managed to write a story without saying f&*k once. What a hero.
The rank and file are represented by the majority who refuse to serve justice on the "few" bad apples. A few bad apples wouldn't be a problem if all the other cops placed the law before loyalty to fellow cops.

And the majority of cops voted for a contract that gutted any external review of their actions. The majority of cops will accept no accountability at all.

Don't really give a shit what they post on FB when you're staring at those facts.

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