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Cheer up, America! We aren’t as fucked up as North Korea! (Yet.)

BEN AFFLECK Trapped... like a BAT! getty / Stuart C. Wilson


Oh yeah, there used to be a Week In Review column in the Stranger. I used to enjoy those a lot. I'm glad someone's taking that up for Schmader(?) again.

The only correction I would suggest is striking that bit about the new iteration of Batman being tolerable. There is no joy to be found where Batfleck looms in the shadows.

FYI, this is/has been a recurring column written weekly for the Stranger's sister paper (the Mercury, down here in Portland) for at least a decade now, as long as I've been here anyway. It's real funny, though way (way) more celebrity gossipy than Schmader's Last Days columns were (admittedly I pretty rarely read the LD columns, though they always struck me as at least somewhat Seattle-centric, topically.) I'm reasonably certain ODAAT's are written by William S Humphrey, who periodically gets cross posted to Slog and used to write the -- also real funny -- I heart Television columns from the Mercury.
@2: Oh right, it was Last Days. Boy, it's been a while, I had totally forgotten the title. Thanks!

You're right, LD was pretty Seattle-specific. I also don't recall seeing Wm. M Humphrey's additions in the Stranger other than I (Heart) Television, but they were always entertaining.
Tell that to the dirt poor millions in these united states . . . . --- http://www.nationalhomeless.org & http://www.inequality.org ( besides, your article reeks of cherry-pickin' goal-post movin': Compare how most Americans live to citizens of any true Global-North nation-state . . . .

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