Go, Bob, GO!!!
I'm looking forward to the Hollywood movie about Bob Ferguson, with the leading role going to John Oliver with a nondescript American accent, Jay Inslee played by Victor Garber of "Alias," "Titanic," and "Legally Blonde" fame, and a gratuitous cameo appearance by Nick Offerman as that bushy-moustached Republican state legislator who is the spitting image of Ron Swanson.
"The Ferg" (I'm officially declaring that a thing) should get a speaking slot at the next Democratic National Convention.
I'd like the A.G. to describe the state's legal argument that Sound Transit's board -- controlled by political appointees -- complies with what the 14th Amendment demands in terms of voters rights. A municipal body with such extensive governmental power needs to be controlled by directly-elected representatives of the people.
Ferguson for President.
Ugh, I'm ready to vomit over The-View-LifeTime channel informercial for Bob Ferguson. As is the case with history, for everyone some little group puts on a pedestal, some nasty little aspect yet unseen usually rears its ugly head in embarassment and controversy. I cant wait to see what Bob's skeleton is after this yearbook article.
If you are a LITTLE KID, I am sure this AG will LOVE YOU BACK.
@3, @7, & @8: Do any of you trolling idiots bother to vote? I didn't think so. Go back to your mother's basements and stay there.
"Won America's heart?" Seriously?
I wonder if The Stranger would've been as enamored with him when he ran as the Greek system candidate for ASUW prez back in 1988. Chi Psi Bob benefited from the frat and sorority support (e.g., professionally-made signs and vans driving frat boys and sorority girls to the polling stations). Funny how times change.....
What's with the juvenile "leftist" and "lefty" adjective use in this fawning hagiography? What is this, Sean Hannity on FOX? Lame.
I loved the article about Bob Ferguson and I'm proud to be a Washingtonian with an AG who is standing up to #45. Kudos to Sydney Brownstone and Heidi Groover for a wonderful piece!
Respectfully, Mr, Ferguson's office regularly defends people who violate civil rights, and is often more than happy to fight cases of merit filed by legitimate victims. I am not sure what you'd point to bolster the claim that he and his office rarely lose in court. In fact, the State is full of competent attorneys who are totally unafraid to take on Mr. Ferguson's office. The AG's office often needlessly pushes back against legitimate victims of State abuse and negligence, often through the use of ugly discovery tactics rather then competent lawyering. On more than a few occasions those tactics have led courts to impose stiff sanctions on his office

We are indeed lucky to have an AG willing to push back against Trump, but let's not make him or his office out to be more than they are.
Ferguson didn't take down Trump's travel ban, he temporarily delayed it. Trump won. Hillary lost. Get over it.
WTF about Eyman...if he broke the law, put him in jail or fine him or whatever.

But your anger about Eyman -- and Heidi you weren't even here when Eyman had his big successes --- is phony ---THE VOTERS AGREED WITH HIM.
So if you don't like the results, BLAME THE FUCKING VOTERS.
Ferguson is head and shoulders above Dow, who lets his GOP Deputy Ecec Fred Jarrett run King County like a Toyota factory, but I still fault him for doing zip about the countless thousands of Washingtonians who had their homes stolen by the Banksters who caused the foreclosure crisis, and then preyed on people caught up in it in Kafkaesque nightmares like this:…

You know you've hit a nerve when the trumpeters arrive in force to declare this not a thing, or get over it, or whatever bullshit their black little hearts spews out.
@15 & @16: Go back to your slime holes in Mom's Basement and get over your trolling.
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