Being gay is NOT an automatic vote for any true Revolutionist: When crytpo-Fascists are in office - both elective and appointive - on ALL political levels, We Moral Progs will need somebody with a PROVEN radical track record!!!
This article is literally a compendium of like 4 other articles "The Stranger" already published on this topic. It's like when a band releases a "Best Of" album, but it doesn't even have a new bonus track.
@1- you left out prison-industrial complex and military-industrial complex. Use ALL the buzzwords you crypto-idiot.
Murray is a career politician so no surprise he will continue his career at all costs......
@5: where is the "defense"? I see an analysis, and comments that are skeptical as to the veracity of the accusations. and discussion of the mayor's ball sack. but I don't see "he fucked these kids but that's OK with us because he's gay/a liberal".

and it's leftistS are fascists. plural.
How has the Stranger missed the fact that BEAUREGARD and CONNELLY all worked together with COUNCILMEMBER LORENA GONZALES as civil rights attorneys at a major law firm, Gordon Thomas Honeywell, in the hunt for conspiracy theories? So it sounds like they are all out to get the Mayor in pursuit of anti-gay causes, right?
Lorena for Mayor!
GREAT investigative reporting, Stranger. Instead of cutting and pasting Groover should do some digging.
@Francis7: You are such a name-calling bitch-troll: If I faced you face-to-face, alone, there's a high chance I'd attempt to kill you . . . .
@10- awwww, aren't you cute?

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