DAY 2: Millions around the world join the Women’s March. Nate Gowdy


The ONLY Rationalistic action is to engage in Active Resistance: tRrump and his ilKKK are merely the sinheriterrs of CENTURIES of resource-hoarding murder, rape, and non-stop Fibbery!!! --- &
Aaaaand, cue the Agents Provocateurs.
ITMFA!! Viva la Resistance!
You guys have been kicking ASS lately and I want to thank you. I've been out of Seattle now for several years (a misguided but necessary stint in Boston and I'm in CA now) but in the last couple weeks that I've idly checked your web site I've been stunned and excited and grateful and proud. Fucking great journalism, you all, JUST when we bloody need it.
@4: Get over yourself, pathetic little troll.
Lenin called you people Useful Idiots. Poor little snowflakes...
&BI Islander: I'm an Anarchist: Lenin wasn't. Any more broad-SStroKKKe generalizations from your Morally weak ass?

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