Please try to find out when the 'March Against Sharia' (re: Seattle Times) starts this Saturday at Victor Steinbrueck Park at the Pike Place Market - and any counter demonstration info.
I'd like to see the people who harass Muslims more vigorously prosecuted to assault which several of the examples mentioned in the article point out. But I also don't see anything wrong with Muslims policing their own: we've done it before during surges of inner city violence where communities would stand up and pay attention to what was happening and take action to stop it.

@2 um, they do. All the damn time. You find an extremist attack by an American Muslim, and odds are good his friends called him in to the FBI years before. By some miracle, they never seem to get noticed for it. Since you're interested in these occurrences maybe you should publicize them?

Who polices their extremists better, American Muslims or American Christians?
This is just plain sad, and further glaring evidence that Trumpzilla / Penceszilla ad nauseum must be removed from office.
Even in Liberal Seattle and Washington State, residents are mere mortals and act like flawed human beings.

Muslims are protected under the same laws as the rest of us.

As for "Islamophobia", I don't like Islam because it was founded by a slaver, who captured and enslaved women and used them as his sex toys. Sharia, the system of Islamic law, provides lesser rights for women and denies people freedom of conscience.

Tell me, Stranger, why are you always defending a misogynist religion that permits slavery and the "marriage" of prepubescent children?
I think we should get an outside perspective on Islamaphobia. How about a perspective from say Great Britain, Egypt, France, Belgium, Orlando or San Bernardino. I would like to get their perspective on why anyone would find the Islamic "religion of peace" so frightening and off-putting.
Do they also happen to touch on the current Islamic terrorism or are we just pretending to live in bubble? If you want to represent a community, you need to acknowledge those within regardless of if you agree.
You people at The Stranger need to get out more and expand your circle of acquaintances beyond people who think just like you. How can you not notice that people in Washington State really aren't as liberal as those living in certain Seattle neighborhoods, and some are even gen-u-ine Alex Jones, uber right-wing conspiracy wing-nuts? It's a big miscalculation to believe that Washington has been somehow immune from crazy white supremacists. You know, in much of the state saying "liberal Washington" is an oxymoron.
"Islamophobia" is on the rise. Gee whiz, I wonder why people are afraid (phobia) of Islam? It couldnt be the mass terrorism and rapes happening in Europe, perpetrated by Muslims... could it?

"One time someone gave me the finger, I'm Muslim, feel sorry for me." Boo hoo. Meanwhile, another Islamic terrorist attack kills dozens of white, non-muslims, in Europe. Hmmmmm, maybe there is a connection between fear of Islam and the persistent attacks of terror committed by Islamists? Who knows.
@14 yeah ya think? I dunno, this anti-Muslim sentiment might just come out of nowhere, totally unfair, and based on nothing valid. Yes, as a good liberal I will choose to believe that. Maybe I can get my head deeper into this sand here...gonna try...almost to my shoulders now...
Muslims who migrate to the US will have a hard time accepting a culture that supports beer, bacon and bikinis. This is really a culture war - against immigrants who are already attempting to remake the cultural mores of their adopted homeland to suit their own way of life.
Seattle is being labelled as "liberal": What the fuck does that MEAN in that context? I KNOW you are NOT attempting to put that overpriced metropolis on the same Moral level as many a city Abroad? That has members of various Leftist parties in the city-government MAJORITY ? Pfft! As for the state? WORSE system of taxation in the Union. NO universal healthcare ( you don't need federal approval), NO affordable university for MANY who are or want to enroll. -- &…
These stories need to be told. The effect that skewed media coverage has had on the general perception of Muslims has pervaded the entire country, not just conservative areas. Great writing, as always, and keep up the good work.

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