Hello, Maggot: Questions for My Father About the Vietnam War

Dad Opens Up About His Life as a Helicopter Medic


really enjoyable - thanks for sharing.
These are awesome stories. Shitty war, but great stories. Thanks Rich and Bob.
What @1 & @2 said -- great story, thanks.
Thank you for sharing. Your father sounds like a cool guy and, like a true veteran of combat, he doesn't glorify his experience.
Your dad is very brave. I'm the first to admit that I'd have fled to Canada rather than face the draft if I'd been alive at the time.

My own father volunteered for the Air Force after undergrad and was stationed in France I think for two years during Vietnam. He never, ever spoke about it, because what could he say? "Sorry guys, I got a two year European vacation while you and your buddies got blown to smithereens all due to random chance."

FSM save us, we live in a deeply fucked up country.
Useless, dumb war, but nonetheless, your Pop raised his right hand. Thanks to your father for his service.
That was a very interesting and entertaining read. Thank you, Rich, and convey our thanks to your father too.
Thanks for this. My old man served two tours, river boats and stationed in Ho Chi Minh City during the Tet Offensive. Tumultuous relationship to say the least... Never got much out of him about his experience. I'm happy your old man is still kicking it and he can share these stories.