My Father, the Charming Womanizer


Your father had 3 girlfriends at once?! That man was a STUD!!!!!!!
Nicely written and interesting, thank you
Quiet applause.
Very nice piece.
Nod of appreciation.
". Many white men also buy into the stereotype that Asian women are subservient and can be controlled"
Ok. Citation please? Is that how you consider every interracial couple of this type? Check your own prejudice.
Touching and sad
@6 pointed out the only flaw in an otherwise flawless essay. With that minor flare-up of bigotry aside (humans are weak, so forgiven), a wholly beautiful piece, very touching.
@6, I think she's explaining the stereotype, not buying into it.

I mean, it's totally an attitude people have, that doesn't necessarily match reality.
Thanks for sharing. This was very sweet and kind of sad.
Jeeze, 5'8" is a perfectly average height for an American male - especially at the time he was a young man. It may be too short to get your juices flowing, but it ain't short. Hell, by New Jersey standards, he was practically a Goliath...
@6 Actually, as an Asian woman, this rings very true. Check your own privilege. Besides, she said "many", not "all white men". Sensitive much?
@6 & @12, we white men of a certain generation all grew up reading James Clavell and watching Shogun. We then spend years of our lives studying languages, living in Asia, marry and belated find out these are secretly matriarchal societies. The last time I got to choose the brand of toilet paper to buy was 20 years ago :).
This piece seemed especially genuine and starkly, but pleasantly out of place in today's journalistic environment. Seeing your father as a complex character and remembering him in all his glorious flaws and virtues is a beautiful way to eulogize him. It was a rite of passage into adulthood for me, not to mention a doorway to becoming more capable of compassion and empathy.

Thank you for sharing this part of yourself and your family. I was touched.
@14 Well said, and ditto.