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Astronomers Agree: Astrology Is Bullshit

If we’re lucky, whatever shift Trump undergoes will be an improvement and not the start of a nuclear holocaust. Or a race war. mike force


>if you believe in astrology.

and as I gave up after that sentence, I see that indeed this becomes an entire article on astrology?

Jesus H. Christ you guys are really hitting for the fences with these articles lately
pseudoscience undermines the credibility of the Stranger.
the people who huff about astrology being bullshit endorse or say nothing about mass starvation, war, etc. they draw lines around respectable discourse and all sorts of other purist nonsense, and are ever ready with trite things to say about "the unfortunate" of the world. the worst humanitarian crisis in the world won't be mentioned, the worst cholea out break ever known could happen and these fulmigators won't say a peep. (yes, i'm talking about you and your hatred of the yemeni people.)
Astrology is just one of many methods by which humans attempt to use 'randomness' within the guise of 'order' to access the unconscious. Like the dreidl, or I-Ching, or Tarot, or reading tea leaves, or etc. etc. etc. many other methods currently and throughout history.

Other than searching for meaning in one's own personal life.... um.. Wtf Stranger? No bigger fish to fry? Or news to report on?
I'm an Astrologer and my predictions have been accurate about Spencer & Priebus resigning. Bannon is next, and it will most likely take place by September. Mueller will turn up the heat next week after Aug. 21st eclipse and issue more subpoenas and one close to home with Trump kiddos. Overall, Trump will either resign in the next 12 months claiming poor health or pushed out. He is his own worst enemy and if he gets censured by Congress for his refusal to denounce the Nazi protestors in Charlottesville, Trump will implode on his own.
@6 what is going to happen with yemen and also with the south china sea in the next decade?
I expect Trump won't last his term and it will have nothing to do with astrology. Think about it. On a daily basis he shoots himself in the foot he then puts in his mouth. Maybe he's unconsciously saying things that will get him removed from office. Winning was the fun part and best ego stroking he ever got. But actually doing the job for four years? Nah-uh. He wants his old life back.

My feeling is that he might be in very early stage dementia (he reminds me of my father who in his early stages manifested extreme paranoia and fits of irrational, misdirected rage). Look at Trump's expressions, his body language. There's something "off" about them. And some of the more insane Tweets? They could be the result of "sundowning", a term for the phenomenon in some dementia patients where mental competency deteriorates all through the day and crashes at night. My dad had that. He was always worse after dark. Only a doctor could diagnose that Trump had dementia for certain, but I have my suspicions anyway.
Trump never wanted to be president and his behavior since he was crowned just begs to have him fired. His ego is too big to quit but he would LOVE to have excuse to flounce out of the WH.
Astrologically speaking, any solar eclipse is a process, not a one-time phenomena. Astrology is more than a science as it deals with the nature of our reality that those who don't study astrology, simply can't comprehend. Although, basically, it's very simple and very natural. It's all about those cycles which have created our world in billions of years. More on the 21st August eclipse here http://www.emakurent.com/en/2017/08/20/t…

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