In the Gig Economy, Coworking Spaces Are Everywhere—What Is It Like to Work in One?

I visited five of the biggest ones in Seattle.


You missed the exemplary Upstairs at Ada's Books & Cafe :)
sounds perfect for people who miss their dorms and are not able to function in the adult work.
I really don't get it. If you're working solo and don't need to go into anybody's office daily, why not just work from home? Why haul your shit someplace else when you can just go online in your PJs with the cat purring in your lap? Other than maybe in person team meetings, I don't see the point.

Somebody tried to get one of these up and running in my neighborhood. It lasted never really got off the ground. Now there are "For Lease" signs plastered on all the windows.

I actually had a meeting yesterday with the mngr. of one of these, to look into offering discounted memberships to my employers clients.
She told me everything from the paint color to the music was chosen to enhance human productivity.
One more bonus!!!