Required Reading for Revolutionaries

Jerry Rubin's 1960s activism was radical, effective, and funny.


AK Press, Seven Stories & Black Rose Books have enough of the Truth to keep you up all decade ( not to forget online sites like Coast to Coast AM & THIS motherfucker . --- ).
Rubin and his ilk soon turned into celebs and elitists in the late 60s. They all loved the spotlight and sold books. In my late teens back then it was cool to say their names in a sentence, you were cool and in the brotherhood of rebellion against the Man. It was all rock star stuff. No different than the current crop of activists are today. Change is Now! Right, yawn. Hoffman? He just hid away until he died to get out of jail time, it kept his mystic alive. Back then you could disappear.
#2, Uh, no. Abbie didn't "just (hide) away until he died to get out of jail time". He came back above ground in 1980, appeared in court to be sentenced, did some time, and resumed political activism until his death in 1989(officially listed as a suicide, although some of his friends dispute that and believe he was killed).

Abbie and Jerry had their flaws, but they both walked the walk and they tried their best to change life. What have you(or I)done to justify any feelings of superiority over them?