Topography of Terror: Six Scenes of Accidental Death, Cold-Blooded Murder, and Paranormal Activity

A haunted university campus, the site of a mass killing, and other places to avoid at night.


While you're at Rattlesnake Ridge I think you've got to cover that asshole Peter Keller's bunker. But look out for other survivalist family-murderer types visiting it too.

"Six people have told me about a paper towel dispenser that turns on and off, sometimes continuously, with nothing near it."

How about under the Aurora Bridge?
I’ve always found Discovery Park to be a little creepy. You know some seriously dodgy shit has gone down within that vast, vaguely threatening expanse.
Charles, how about a story about all the odd disappearances that have occurred in areas like Mt. Rainier National Park ( where your friend disappeared strangely all those years ago: Mr. Wood has NEVER been found, nor have others in what the folks at Missing 411 call "clusters" ---… ).