Thomas James


People here have zero idea of what a real winter is like, yet still complain about it. A walk in downtown Seattle? It's cool strolling by the wasters begging for money and the other's passed out cold on the sidewalk. When is it our time?
I love my neighbor's garden and take it slow every morning I pass. I have a garden too, but when I look at mine I see work to be done. When I look at their's I see accomplishment.
COOL, I've done this for years, I call it out stompin'
If you really want to go nuts, try going for a walk without looking at your phone, even once.
Hmmm nice walking tour of Seattle’s hipster elite and the trash in which the live in and walk over each day. Really the only thing missing was the colorful vomit and snot of the sidewalks and how we need to “save the environment” while admiring its esthetic trashy beauty that should be delays with by someone else. I may be a bit if a tea-tottler as well by I see why Republicans are running the federal show now and Seattle Progressives are living the local-level dog-and-pony show.
Jeezus christ, you people need to relax.
ATF works wonders

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