A few weeks ago at The Stranger's offices, we noticed something shocking out the window: people having sex.

It was two people, and they were in the newly built apartment building across the street. Given the angle and the lighting, we could only see their midsections, but one of them was bent over, and the other one was standing behind the bent over person, and the standing person was going at it. Some editorial staffers guessed it was a straight couple (we had all rushed to the window to get a better look), some of us guessed a nonbinary couple, some of us guessed two women, and some of us guessed two men. The only thing that was immediately clear was that, on a gray day in the middle of winter in one of the saddest periods of US political history, these two people were enjoying the hell out of each other's bodies.

Falling in love is still a thing people do, even when the world is ending. But let's admit it: Rituals of courtship are super weird. Kissing, writing cards, drawing cute hearts on them, picking bouquets of flowers—these activities are bananas. So why do they mean so much to us? Where did we learn to do them? Rich Smith details the fascinating origins of these customs here.

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Worried about what to wear? Sometimes the ugliest thing in your closet will still get you laid. Three drag queens talk about the craziest outfits they've ever had sex in.

And for everyone single, brokenhearted, and alone on Valentine's Day (hi, friends!), the musician Sean Nelson has assembled what he believes is the very best playlist for the loveless. It's perfect for wallowing in the sorrow of romantic regret, which is one of Mr. Nelson's favorite pastimes. You might even call it a passion. See his top songs here, and weep the day away.

Plus, our Things to Do department has assembled tons of things to do in Seattle for Valentine's Day. See them all here.

By the way, the people having sex across the street eventually changed position and revealed their faces. Apparently, it was two guys. Hats off, gentlemen! recommended