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The secret history of romantic customs, the ugliest outfits drag queens have had sex in, advice for romancing a pregnant woman, tips on not dating men, taste-testing weed chocolates, a playlist for the brokenhearted, and more!

Tara Jacoby


Geez, you guys run a newspaper and you've got reporters. We need facts, man. You had a responsibility to send someone over there and talk to that couple. How do we even know that they were a "couple" and that they were enjoying what they were doing? It could easily have been a sex worker and a client. Perhaps it was a film shoot. It's called journalism.
Guys, what the hell. If you notice people across the street going at it, appreciate it and keep it your damn self. Sheesh.
"...one of the saddest periods of US political history..."

So you've never studied any US political history, it's pretty clear.
A few years ago, I was dealing with the aftermath of a horrible breakup. Depression, insomnia, sick leave from work, you name it.

I walked through my Columbia City neighborhood to go to, I dunno, a bar in broad daylight or something, and from one of the new condos I heard a woman moaning and screaming. The way a woman wouId when it's just right. I heard it only because they kept the windows open while I walked past. Thank you, anonymous couple, for giving me hope and love. I found a new gf shortly afterward, and we have a happy life together.

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