You Can't Drink On Light Rail, but Here's Where You Can Drink Near Light Rail

The best bars near light rail stations.


In your posting regarding bars near University of Washington Light-Rail Station, you remark in 2021 that the "University of Washington Light-Rail Station" will open and be nearer to bars & restaurants. However, it is the 42nd St. Station that will open. The University of Washington Light-Rail Station is already open. Just a heads up Charles. The error appears in the printed edition too.
The Saloon in Mt. Baker is a great place to drink. It’s about a 10-15 walk from the train station.
Oliver's is a must.
no love for Angle lake or Tukwila?
Oliver's is still there after all these years? Talk about a survivor. Personally, I preferred it when it was The Carousel Room. But then again, I was only nine when it closed......