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Seattleites' natural fear of confrontation means it's likely no one will bother you here.

The Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum Jessica Stein


Nailed it! I'll add the Archie McPhee novelty store if you need a cheap, comedic pick-me-up. I like stocking up on gag gifts for people when I finally do want to interact.
I would add the downtown public library as well as any library in Seattle.
I would add the 28TH AVE NW Street End Park and Jack Perry Memorial Park
"The 40th Floor of the Columbia Center" -- Sadly, that Starbucks does not have the view that it once did. The north and northeast views are now blocked by new office towers constructed within the last year, and it never had a straight western or southern view. Still good views to the northwest, east and southeast. If you've gone that far, you should go all the way to the "SkyView Observatory" on the 76th floor. It'll cost you $15, unless you can charm someone who works in the building to walk you up, in which case you'll get the guest rate of $5.
Pike Place Market on weekdays!

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