Olympia 2018 Recap: The Death Penalty Is Alive, Gun Control Is Dead

Everything You Need to Know About the Legislative Session


Today’s Democrats are the GOP of the future.
It’s not an assault weapon. Average Joe Shmoe can’t just walk into a gun shop and purchase a Assault Weapon. Assault weapons are equipped with Full Auto capability.

Banning bump stocks is a funny move, but they had to pander to folks who don’t know shit about firearms.
Great. Our democrats are complacent with children being murdered. Who cares if humans are getting murdered everyday when we can still buy our supperrr cool mean looking pretend to be in the military dipshit guns. I don’t understand it. The behavior of obsessing over guns is weird.
"The behavior of obsessing over guns is weird."

Yes. We've been told to be afraid, very afraid and now we're afraid, very afraid -- of the NRA, who has the spineless Republicans by. the. Balls. Including Cadet Bone Spurs, who, he breathlessly asserts, wouldda run right the fuck in there -- UNARMED -- if only his bone spur hadn't flared up, the moment as he heard what was happening.

Hell, even the ARMED, FULLY-TRAINED DEPUTY SHERIFFS were too chicken to enter the building.

The Republican Party, that Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln has sold US right down the fucking river.

It's well past time to REGULATE the 'well-regulated' militia.

Or, just ban them all. Just do like Australia did. Who hasn't had a weapons-of-war-type mass murder/massacre since.
“Banning bump stocks is a funny move, but they had to pander to folks who don’t know shit about firearms.”

Exactly. Tell that to the “gunman who opened fire on tens of thousands of concertgoers in Las Vegas last October had attached bump stocks to at least a dozen assault-style rifles, law enforcement officials said. He was able to shoot more than 1,100 rounds over the span of a few minutes, killing 58 people and wounding 422. More than 400 others were injured in the chaos caused by the shooting.”

He’ll know EXACTLY whatchyur talkin’ bout:

“Bump stocks allow semi-automatic rifles to simulate automatic fire. The accessory replaces a standard rifle stock ― the piece that rests against the shoulder ― and harnesses a weapon’s recoil to slide the gun rapidly back and forth onto the shooter’s trigger finger, firing each time.” --from the Huffpost

So much pandering. So little time...
Ummm . . . . funding Public schools is in the damned state's constitution: the only reason why the pols in Oly won't do their jobs is from their ( rightful) opinion that not enough citizens of the Evergreen State even know that ( and many who do know don't give a Racist fuck . . . . --- https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/stanfo… ). Pfft!