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Behind a Starbucks on Mercer Island.

Her name is Zoe. She is one of the rare birds at Denise’s Parrot Place. Jack Petterborg


I am a young parrot person! I went to Denise's house once when I was about 11, which would have been around in 1995. I don't even think she had a shop yet. I was trying to talk my parents into letting me get a parrot, and we looked at a crimson rosella that Denise had for sale. My parents ended up getting me a smaller bird, a nanday conure, from Exclusive Exotic Birds, which used to be across the street from the Benson Hill Fred Meyer. I still have that bird!
This place is an amazing antidepressant. Go on a rainy day and juggle the caiques!
Getting a smaller bird, as exemplified above, is highly recommended. They're a handful if you're really providing what they need - food, care, socialization etc. But they aren't really adapted to serve as pets, the way dogs and cats are. They sort of substitute a human in some bird role, initially as parent as reported in the article - but I believe, eventually, it's going to be as a mate. It's unusual for a parrot to be able have normal relations with its kind, and also be a tame pet. It's kind of a weird scene.

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