Features Apr 11, 2018 at 4:00 am

Who are they? And what is that litter box all about?

That’s Buster. He’s a rascal. Rich Smith


Thanks for this update. For us old timers, this neighborhood has ALMOST changed beyond all recognition. These cats (and their smell) are a welcome element of consistency.
Rich, I hope you spent a whole day researching this story. You know, to make sure you covered all possible facets, and as apology for Frizzelle. Anything less would be an abdication of your journalistic duties.
But does the store smell like cat pee?
I went to the previous location fairly regularly but I haven't actually been to the current location. But given the way brick and mortar bookstores have struggled it sounds like Christopher Frizzelle push them along the path to going out of business.
I had been joking previously when I predicted that the Capitol Hill light rail station (then under construction at the old bookstore site) would smell like cat pee. Unfortunately, it really really does.
Yup, Twice Sold Tales still smells like cat urine.
My favorite cat (at the old location, circa 1999 WTO riots) was a large orange tabby; just like Morris the Cat, who advertised '9 Lives' cat food.
Not enough pictures. This article, along with issue. More local pet pics, please.
Yesssss!! May cats take over the world and destroy the evil Trumpzillan regime!
@8: I think I remember him at the old place. He often had the prime spot looking out the front window.
I met my cat at the old location about 11 years ago. His foster mother was wandering about the store with him in a carrier. I said "what a pretty cat" and she said "do you want him?" As it turned out, I did. I named him Kafka, and it fits.

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