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Three Democrats are running in the most important congressional race in Washington State history. One should win, one could win, and one can win.

Illustrations by Chelcie Blackmun



Rittereiser will get more votes on the Dry Side. Let's try winning for a change.


@1 heck yes


Rossi-Mudede 2020!!!!!!


Meh, as we've been told time and again, there's no appreciable difference between a Republican and a Democrat, so what does it matter which of them wins?


Rittereiser: left after High School, only came back to run for Congress.
Hader; left after High School, only came back to run for Congress.
Schrier: has lived and worked in the community for 15 years.

The first two are the same type of vanity/carpetbagger candidates who always get their asses kicked in the Eighth. Sigh.


@1 Max Solomon & @2 bro: Agreed.
@3: You make no sense at all. Or was that your point?
@4 COMTE: Um......why the meh? For Dems to win the midterms is extremely crucial now, more than ever before. The current neofascist Mein Trumpfy regime should be ample proof of what we don't need or want at the state level.


When it comes to who should win anything The Stranger’s picks in anything political have not been the best ranging from Greg Nickels and his growing legacy of Nickelsville shanty towns all over Seattle to Ed Murray and his less than palatable history with children. Both highly praised and raved by The Stranger just to name a few over the decades. I think most are finally waking up and are growing weary voting for people who turn out to be useless and scandalous at The Stranger’s recommendation. At this point, one would think The Stranger would just stick to pot news, entertainment and the sad and sexually repressed with no life.


"At this point, one would think The Stranger would just stick to pot news, entertainment and the sad and sexually repressed with no life." --Thorny /\ /\ /\

I do hope you'll stick to your principles, boycott, and hold out for exactly that.
You'll surely have my admiration.


Good article. However, Rittereiser isn't just some dudebro lawyer, he's an employee-side labor lawyer who has been endorsed by countless unions. That's badass and is something that people should definitely know about.


Nobody but me concerned that this "independent" poll is so poorly documented? Like who paid for it? Or there's no way to get the actual script used over the phone? The thesis of the poll is Jason is the best because when people know nothing about any of the candidate and are told b y the pollster about the three Dems, they chose Jason, based on what they were just told?


This is delusional: "When she talks policy, she pushes for the progressive view, but many of her arguments fit into a framework conservatives might support." Conservatives will not ever support a progressive policy. I mean, they might, up until the moment that Fox News and Breitbart and Trump tell them they shouldn't.
Democrats win the 8th not by winning independent voters east of the mountains but by getting young people and people of color west of the mountains to show up and vote.
None of these candidates are that great, so they all blend together in the mind of voters, and any of them can and will beat Rossi in November.


I actually live in the district. I've actually met and spoken with all three candidates. This district isn't Seattle, not by a long shot. Any of the three would be a huge improvement over Silverhair the Incomprehensible, who meekly goes along with whatever the House Republican leadership decrees. And, based on the conversations I've had with them, and sheer pragmatism, my own vote is going to Rittereiser.


Of the three reporters left in the newsroom, one can quit (Heidi), one could quit (Katie), and one should quit (Rich).

But even "in this, the Year of the Woman," he probably won't. Maybe he could take a 6- to 12-month sabbatical and try actually visiting the other side of the Cascades before trying to report authoritatively about it. Or maybe just, you know, stick to book reports.

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