Looking Back on 30 Years of Sub Pop Records

In honor of 30 years, here are 15 of their greatest wonders and 15 of their greatest blunders.



"Immortalizing the poetry of Steven Jesse Bernstein". Word.


Sub Pop is part of Seattle's culture. Visitors to Seatac are surrounded by displays of Jimmy and the sound of Fleet Foxes on the intercom, whether they recognize it or not.


I love that Zumpano cover. It looks like a bad Sears catalog photo spread, and the awkwardness matches the name of the record. I mean, it’s terrible, but it’s awesomely terrible.

It’s also a great record.


oh god cocorosie were (are?) the worst


"You don't tend to see Sub Pop stars embroiled in sex or drug scandals.."

Not so much the sex, but I think Sub Pop artists avoided a scandal simply by consuming exactly as much hard drugs as we assumed they would.


This is some lazy clickbait that makes vague unsupported accusations and assumptions all while taking needless potshots at former struggling artists. In your sad attempt to be irreverent and funny you just came off as petty and mean.


Plexi was actually a pretty unique band on the label at that time. It's always cool when a label makes interesting choices in signings like that.