For Success in College—and Life—Put Down the Bottle and Pick Up the Pipe

You know what's better than drinking? Weed.



Oh, doing your projects stoned is worth a try, see how it works for you. Just leave time to review it sober afterwards, and also to do it from scratch afterwards in case you didn't get around to it stoned.

Mathematical proofs, essay writing, conceptually hard physics problems, these can go well, often good quality but slowly.


I'm going to disagree with this article and encourage students to largely stay away from both alcohol and pot. Occasionally use one or both, for sure, but to be honest, they're both relatively uninteresting highs that last way too long, and leave you crashed out for even longer. There are more interesting highs out there among the alphabet soup of intoxicants that are a better use of your time and money.

Rather than blowing up every weekend stoned or drunk, consider using most of your weekends to get way ahead on your work. Then, maybe once a month, give yourself a blowout weekend and explore things like LSD, MDMA, 2-CB, DMT, mushrooms or any of the other relatively-safe-when-used-responsibly drugs out there on the market. Read up on them on sites like, learn about self-testing, trip responsibly with close friends, and don't do any one drug more than two or three times per year, and you'll have a much more interesting, elightening and fun way to explore your headspace.

On pot in particular: pot makes being bored tolerable. This is not a good thing. Boredom should drive you to do interesting things - create art, join a club, make and hang out with friends. Pot can short-circuit that drive and make just sitting in your room alone a bearable way to pass your time. Smoking up every now and then is fine, but too often and too many of the hours, days, months and eventually drift by in a haze without you noticing. Try to avoid that.




Pot is fun, but if you enjoy life without it you save tons of money and, no coughing, and don't have to clean up resin stains, deal with ashes, etc.


As someone who drank a fair bit when young and did not start using weed until my 40s, I concur with this article. And if you're going to enjoy weed, for heavens sake do not "smoke" it. Smoking is vile, bad for your lungs and indiscreet. Invest in a good vaporizer and exercise common sense.


My favorite part of this is where stoners take 25 days off. Knee-slapper!


calling bullshit on this...weed makes a person stupid and lazy. best to avoid /abuse both in college if grades are a priority...



Edibles are the best way to go.


Sounds like awesome advice if you are a student planning making $40k a year for the rest of your life.

Then you can go protest about how life is so unfair, while never making the connection between your previous life choices and current, subpar, life situation.

Don’t forget, rent is due on the 1st of every month.


@7: Ahmem. For a few I suppose. But really, some of the best software in the world is created by geeks stoned on weed.